New Member, Test EQ Tren cycle

What’s up everybody, new member here, always lurked but never saw much reason to post until now. Im about to start a new cycle, my third. Running 200 mgs of Test E and EQ twice a week for 10 weeks and running Oral Tren (yes I understand it’s toxic, im aware, have some liver helpers lined up) 750 mcg every day week 1-3 to kickstart it.

Wanted to hear some opinions on it, and Im very curious if I should try and maintain my weight and lean up, cut, or bulk with this combo. I know EQ is generally not the greatest for bulking but I feel as if I could definitely do it because of the way my body reacts to bulking in general. Never done a cutting cycle before, the past 2 cycles have been for Size and Strength only.

Stats:24 years old, 6’4, 240 pounds, 14-16% body fat,10 years of lifting(7 football/powerlifting,3 bodybuilding)
Recently finished a cut, gained a lot of unnecessary fat due to lower back injury.
Average Daily Intake:2500-3250 cal, 275 g Protein, 250-350 g Carbs, 50-100 G Fats

I’m curious why you would want to kick start a cycle with oral tren. I’ve heard of it being used at the end of a cycle, specifically in preparation for a meet/competition. It doesn’t seem, at least in my mind, to be the best choice in the world for a kickstarter. I would want something like Dbol that has positive mental effects.

What are your goals in general? Are the centered more around aesthetics or competitive lifting? It’s hard to give a lot of advice without knowing your goals.

Exactly what flip said there is no need for you to run Oral Tren at this point at all. If your gonna cut ue something like T-bol or Winni to help keep water off and if wanting bulk go Anadrol or Dbol. If your bulking id also recommend running at least double what you’re considering in test. Eq is great for bulking if ran high enough will be a huge spike in appetite. At a lower dose you need to be prepared to run it at least 12 weeks and personally id go 16 weeks.

Just make sure you monitor RBC if you run high doses of EQ.