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New Member, Q's about 5/3/1


background info:
havent trained in a year. had only got into the groove of eating properly (caloric excess, 1.5g protein per lb b/w, veggies etc) about 9 months before i stopped. Want to start up again.
previous maxes:
squat- 120kg
bodyweight- 80-81kg

current goals:
get back to training, reach above maxes
start conditioning work as suggested in 5/3/1 (running sprints x2 a week and jump rope x1 a week)
gain some size and strength

i'd like to increase my bench, overhead, squat, deadlift, bb rows in terms of weight i can move. but also want to increase chinups and dips (number of repetitions i can do) but i'm not sure how i can add them in. I was thinking of adding dips and chins in upper body days with no set reps or sets, just do a few reps between each set until i hit say, 30 reps. I reduced the work sets for other upper body lifts to compensate.
current routine i want to start:

5/3/1- assistance work #4: periodization bible

M.Press 5/3/1
M.press 4x10-15 (chinups done between sets of m.press)
BB rows 4x10-15 (dips done between sets of bb rows)
lying tricep extension 4x10-15

Deads 5/3/1
F.Squat 5x10-15
GM's 5x10-15
core work 5x10-15 (hanging leg raises/weighted crunches)

Bench 5/3/1
bench 4x10-15 (chinups done between sets of bench)
DB rows 4x10-15 (dips done between sets of db rows)
lying tricep extension 4x10-15

Squat 5/3/1
Squat 5x10-15
Hypers 5x10-15
core work 5x10-15 (side bends/woodchops with band)

Would the above be okay as long as i'm eating enough and resting enough? On the deload week (4th week) i'm planning on reducing the exercises as well, so i perform just dips and chins (+ the deload main lift).
Increasing my dips/chins is a big goal for me, as is increasing the main lifts, so i don't want to leave either out. If you have any changes or suggestions, or questions, ask away.

Please critique.




If your not doing them weighted you can throw them in whenever, they are just a bodyweight exercise. Just do one max set here and there, trying to beat last week and you don't have to worry about it interfering with recovery.


i believe youve got it set up quit nicely there, as long as you continue to eat a coloric excess and resting, you should be fine. You might want to consider lowering the volume if you were cutting however.


Thanks for the input. No, i wont be cutting, and the dips/chins are all bodyweight. I want to be able to hit at least 3 sets of 15 for dips with bodyweight before i move onto weighted ones (i can't even hit one set of double figures). with chinups, once i hit 10 reps i'll begin adding weight. Naturally, i'll adjust the routine accordingly.

Thanks again :slight_smile: