New Member, On TRT 1 Year. Best Protocol: Cream or Shots?

Hi, I’m 50. I have been on trt for about a year. My doctor has me on testosterone cream. This protocol has me around 800 total T. I feel better than pre treatment but I still feel off.

I’d like to go to shots but my doctor doesn’t like to prescribe them. Anybody have experience with both?. Pros cons?
Maybe I need a different doctor, but he’s the only TRT doc in my area.

The fact that you doctor is afraid of shots is a big red flag for inexperience, he can’t help you. Fear equals inexperience, a good TRT doctor would never be afraid to prescribe injections. Your labs would show more about why you don’t feel off, include SHBG which is the most important which I believe could be your problem. If your SHBG is low than it would explain why you don’t feel fully recovered after a year on TRT. You also need E2 tested, this could also be why you feel off. Is this feeling in your head kind of like a caffeine high? Creams can cause really high E2 levels!

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My doctor has me on anastrozole, it seems to be keeping estrogen in check. He hasn’t been checking free t or SHBG. Probably because of cost. My original problem, was low free t. My total T was low but in range, around 400. I think maybe I still don’t have enough free. When I first started this journey he gave me a 200 shot to see if I felt better. I did! I had amazing morning wood for a couple days and felt much less depressed and not anxious. The feeling only lasted a few days. He started me on cream and it helps but I still don’t sleep well, morning wood is rare and general anxiety comes and goes. Anyone know a good doctor in Maine?

My doctor said he would give me shots if I wanted, but because he strongly discourages them, I’m worried that he won’t be able to manage my shots properly.

You could always manage your own shots. Get the vial of T, get the right needles based on your needs, get some alcohol wipes, and a sharps container and you’re off to the races. I got all of the above including separate drawing needles, for under $40.

That being said I know that some docs WONT let you take your own medicine home and will try to micromanage the situation. That might be a little trickier.

Doc might be aware of poor outcomes with injecting every week or two. You would do well injecting twice a week with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes.

Get your lab reports and post with lab ranges.

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