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New Member Needs Help

I’m 28 years old, 6’0, 205, 12 % bf. I’ve been lifting for 3 years and I’ve missed two (2) scheduled training sessions during that period–I’m a little fanatical.

I RELIGIOUSLY take in b/w 3300 and 3500 calories per day composed of 45% carbs (70% oats, 20% veggies and fruit, 10% dextrose in post workout drink), 40% protein (325-350 grams a day–85% fish, chicken, and cottage cheese, 15% whey protein supps), and 15% fat (mainly derived from fish oil and flax oil supps).

When I started I was 170, 15% bf. While I’m pleased w/ how far I’ve come, I’ve def. hit a plateau and am looking to break through. My ultimate goal w/in the next two (2) years is–225, 8% bf.

My current deadlift max is 315, hang clean 185, flat bp 295, and incline bp 225.

So here’s the deal, I’ve never tried any phs or creatine–just protein, glutamine, a lot of good food, and a ton of blood sweat and tears. However, in my quest to accomplish my ultimate goal (see above) w/in my lifetime, I’ve decided to try a ph and creatine cycle.

Now I want to change my workout routine to optimize my greater growth potential during my cycle. Please advise.

Thanks in advance!