New Member Needs Help with Blood Results

Hey everyone! Im new to this site and wanted to start off getting some feed back from the experienced…

-did my first cycle (test/deca) that ended 15 months ago. My pct (nolva) was way too short and soon and therfore i crashed very bad with deca dicka and terrible backnee.

-I tried 2 other attempt of a pct(nolva=clomid))over the last yr to restrore my baseline low test levels and small nads. my levels would rise to a good medium level but always seem to come back to just above baseline.

-Just now i decide to run a second cycle of test E 500mg/week + Arimadex .25 EOD = Hcg 500ius/week. I am now 5 week into cycle.

SO, my only legitimate concern is about my libido…where the f*** is it???

Last time i felt my libido being high was march 20/2011…from that day forward on few days it has been maybe 70 percent. Here is the thing, When doing my nolva pct’s and having my test levels double, i never felt any increase in libido…now on my second cycle my test levels are 3 times off the charts and yet i feel NO diffent with still ed and poor libido.

I dont care about gains at all, just want my sex drive back …15 months of feeling semi A-sexual sucks…

Here is my blood work from 2 days ago… i have read that e2 levels and progesterone levels are what to look for but tell me what you think…

test am= 95.3 (8-26)
prolactin= 11.2 (<20)
progesterone= 3.7 (<3.0)
E2= 139 (<200)

Is the progesterone being a tad high my problem or should i try to lower or raise my e2 levels via moding my arimadex dose? Is my e2 at an ideal level? maybe more e2 will help my libido?

I just want to remember what that ultra horn test feeling is like and want my wood to be rock hard lol

Thanks soo much guys… your time means a lot to me!