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New Member Needing Some Serious Advice


Hi I just recently found this web site and figured I could get some good advice.

I am 16 and have been lifting for about a year completely on and off. Unfortunately I am only about 125 lbs, 5 9' 5 10' which I realize is absolutely pathetic. I was 115 a year ago so at least it is some sort of improvement.

The past three weeks I have been lifting and eating more, I want to make sure I get on a good track and stay there. Im hoping some of you guys could help me out.

I honestly want to gain and bulk up and get into bodybuilding. I am done with 125 lbs. I have the motivation/inspiration, I could use some advice as far as bulking and dieting.



you're welcome. enjoy the site



Haha I guess I should have looked at the site a little longer before making this thread.


All the advice you need is tucked away in the article archives.



OP: There is a sticky in the bodybuilding forum called "The Best of T-Nation", full of links to the best T-Nation threads and the biggest/strongest members discussing how to eat, train, and how they specifically got to where they are.

That thread alone should easily get you started in bodybuilding.

Reading articles is okay, but you have to think critically about the material in front of you, and about the person writing it. A LOT of guys get led astray because they fall into the hype of every article they read, become opinionated and dense to reality, and never progress from year to year because they're too busy finding the "perfect" way to train that they never train consistently (which is the most important thing).

I personally began around 15-16 years old, at a height of 5'9, weighing 130lbs. I also have a thread about how I got to where I am now, but just from me to you: it can be done, and it's NOT complicated.


Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. You're progress is very impressive and motivating btw.


I must admit HolyMacaroni's sarcasm is very dull and rather dry. Hmm.....about as dry as macaroni with no cheese. Hahaha I am just so funny look at my half-wit attempts at humor.

Anyways, Fresh13 I think your on the right track. Eat heavy, lift heay,sleep heavy. If you stick with it you will blowup in no time. So long as you don't have horrible genetics. Weightliftin/bodybuilding or whatever it is your doing this for is like everything else in that you get out what you put in. My first year of real serious lifting I gained 40 lbs and completly changed the way I look. Actually I am still in my first year of truly dedicated lifting with goals in mind so I hope to gain more in that first year but it has become a tad harder now. Sigh, I guess I just need to turn to the needle now. Haha.

What I did/ am doing in this first year of serious lifting is really very typical of a lot of lifters. I am doing a five day split and dedicating each day to one specific body group. But you should not just pick and choose which group you train haphazardly. You need to be smart about it. For instance I would never train shoulders or chest right after one another because most workouts of the two have a little crossover so you wont get the most out of each work out. I also wouldnt do arms after or before chest either because you use your tri's in most chest workouts.

So a good way I would do it. Is
day one: Legs
Day two: chest
Day three: Back
day four: Shoulders
Day five: arms

You can do five days in a row which is what I did at first and took the weekends off. Or you can throw your rest days in between one or two of he work outs. All up to you.

I try to do between 20 and 30 sets for each traing session. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Often I will do 4- 6 sets per exercise. I aim for at least five main exercises in one training session. Also always stretch. Mobility is just as important as strength. you should be able too look up the rest and see which exercises you would do for each day.

Diet is also important. The day I stopped caring about gaining a little fat is the day I really started seeing gains. You need to stuff your face. You should figure out how many calories your eating and make goals for how many you want to eat a day. I aim for 3500. A lotta people ingest more then that. My diet is personaly the hardest part for me. But it is the most important aspecto of makign gains. Training is really the easiest part. Its the sleep and food that are difficult.

There are a food fews that could really help you get the extra calories you need. Olive oil, put it on everything rice, fish, papas fritas, steak, the options are endless. Thats like 150-200 calories right there. Do that twice a day and thats 400 calories. Milk is another great tool. Through in a scoop or two of whey and you got yourself a 200-400 calorie snack. Peanut butter is also fantastic. Two scoops of that is like 350 calories. Right there if you did that would be 1350 extra calorie for you. There a lot of other good things just look them up.

Ingest a lot of protein. The most common rule of thumb I've been told is twice your body weight of protien in grams. Its simple 200 lb man needs 400 grams. I personally dont think I have ever conistently ingested twice my body weight and I have made consistent gains. Still more is better to an extent I guess.

There are also a few mandatory supplements you should get. Glucosomine with chondtritin* and MSM. This is for joint health. You could also throw in vitamin D tablet there for that. Lifting places a lot of stress on your joints so Joint health is very important. Fish oil, because its full of omega 3s which have so many positive benifits it would take way to long to list them all so just take it. Creatine, it really has helped with my strength but I feel of all the supps I have taken this is the least important one. Lastly a regular multivitamin preferably flintstones vitamin haha jk but really a multivitamin is important.

Ok so I have shared far more then I had intended but I hope you take what I have shared with you add onto it learn more, become a monster and obtain that coveted Alpha Male status that has eluded you your whole life. Go on young grasshopper and embrace your true potential.


Oh and one more thing. Deadlift and Squat. There importance cannot be emphasized enough. They suck and feel horrible at first but they will become your favorite lifts. At least for me they did.


alright here we go...

your split sucks, as well as your rational. infact, i have been doing tris ON chest day and bet i have triceps that are 10x bigger than yours.

there are no such thing as 'mandatory supplements'. you also reccomend to the OP to take certain things but then fail to explain as to why he should and just say 'just take it, trust me'

you also suggest to the OP to slather olive oil on everything he eat. again wtf?


you are some brand new poster with no info, and no pictures.

you say you've been lifting for a year and have gained 40lbs and 'completly changed the way i look'

before/after pics? how about current strength numbers on your big three? vids?

goddamn. this is exactly why i typed my first post. the OP should follow the advice he got and just check out this site a little more to get more info.


when i grow up, i want to be just like you mr.P



Well first things first you're going to have to shave those pubes off your face.


Buy "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe and follow it to the letter. Drink a gallon of milk per day (whole milk, none of that pansy ass skim stuff). Eat more.

This + puberty should put 50 pounds on your frame in the next year--it is built for guys like you.


How about no.


The man has been making skinny teenagers big and strong for longer than you've been alive man...call me bat shit crazy, but the man may just be onto something!

Do what you want, I don't give a shit, but this advice is good.


There's more than one road to the same destination...not sure why some of you guys think there's only one way to get strong/big and put on weight...


Would you feel the same way if a kid logged into the powerlifting forum and said "I don't really care about how I look at all, I just want to be strong and get into powerlifting", so I told him to do Jay Cutler's routine and eat a strict bodybuilding diet?

Jay Cutler is pretty strong. Surely there's no GAP in logic there, right?

The powerlifting version of "big and strong" is NOT the same thing as bodybuilding "big and strong".

How about if somebody wants to be a bodybuilder, they should train and eat like a bodybuilder, and you powerlifting types should just stay out of it for once? We don't come bother you guys.


While I'd normally burst in here preaching the virtues of SS, the OP has stated that he wants to get into bodybuilding. And while I really know sweet fuck all about BB'ing, I still wouldn't recommend it to the OP. At least not for any longer than 3(maybe 4 at a stretch) months. Good for some initial strength and size gains, not so good for building an enviable physique.

Fresh13, read the threads Mr. Popular has recommended. Read through the threads that ask the biggest and baddest how they train. If in doubt, PM them. Just don't start crying if they don't reply. Remember, some of them would have no free time at all if they answered all the PM's they got asking for advice.(READ: don't PM anyone without first reading the threads!) But most will help if they think you are legit. Also, look for 'patterns' in how the big guys train. You'll be surprised.

If you are thinking ''fuck this I'm not reading through all those massive threads I'll just do IBB'' then you have already proven to yourself that you don't have what it takes to even lifts consistently, nevermind get bigger and stronger.

Take the time and effort to read and learn. It will benefit you massively. What's another week or two of being small when the info you are taking in is going to lead to you being a fucking monster..?

Best of luck


How in the fuck am I "bothering" you giving advice to the OP? Unroll the wad from your panties there chief.

The dude is 125 (!!!) pounds. I don't even know what a 125 pound male looks like, but more mass and strength is UNQUESTIONABLY needed.

Beginners don't need to specialize in the latest Christian Thibaudeau High Performance Mass with superasilitus muscles emphasis baton twirling feel the pump bro fist mindmuscle connection training. They need to stick with the basics, and it doesn't get much more basic than emphasizing the big barbell lifts and getting jacked before you worry about whether or not your biceptz have a 1.34093298584594q96942q54--q3r84594 : 1 ratio with your intermedial tricep head.

I have never seen a skinny kid NOT get jacked from following SS and GOMAD for 4-6 months. It doesn't matter if your end goal is powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, sumo wrestling, or what the fuck ever--you have got to put on a base before trying to get fancy.

This kid is in his prime growth year and has potential to put on more muscle right now than an intermediate bodybuilder would on their first steroid cycle! If you think the best way to do that is eating chicken and brown rice (but not too much rice, cause those bad carbs will make ya fat like those big scary bully powerlifters that come into the bodybuilding form [even though this is actually the BEGINNER forum] and pick on us) and doing body part specific exercises, then power to you man.

If you are interested in arguing this further, you got issues.

OP: Research your options, but don't spend more time researching than actually working out. Choose what you want to do and bust your ass getting to it. Good luck man! PM me if you have any questions, I'd be glad to help ya out.


I agree that a basic strength building program is the best bet at this point. I would suggest something like a push/pull/legs:

Vertical Push Pull
Quad dominant legs
Horizontal push pull
Hip Dominant legs

It is more comprehensive than a basic powerlifting program, and you're not wasting time with isolation exercises.


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