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New Member/Mini Bio, Current Cycle

Hey guys, I’m excited to have newly joined the forum!

I am an up and coming bodybuilder, 24 years old… I have done a few test cycles, have found some bunk gear and have had some very good gear.
I have messed around with some other things such as prohormones, dbol, and some natural test booting supplements.

My diet is pretty clean, all I eat is chicken broccoli and rice 3 times a day lol… breakfast is eggs, oats, and asparagus. I do get cravings and I have one
hell of a sweet tooth so you can find me snacking on ice cream or cookies at any time of the day between meals. I’ll often do a protein shake with milk before bed to get a 5th meal in…

I’ve been lifting for about 4 years, other than that this is pretty much all I know about bodybuilding.

Just started a 14 week cycle of:

Week 1-4
Letrozole 2.5mg daily in the AM to eliminate mild gyno sensitivity until it is gone
Dbol 20mg daily (10mg in the AM /10mg in the PM)
Test P 100mg 3x/week
NPP 100mg 3x/week

Week 5-10 (the only change here for these weeks is the Test and NPP go up 50mg/day)
Letrozole 2.5mg as needed
Dbol (taken until week 7 )20mg daily (10mg in the AM /10mg in the PM)
Test P 150mg 3x/week
NPP 150mg 3x/week

Week 11-14 (all numbers go back and mimic weeks 1-4, in my head it makes sense to cycle down… also note the clomid as PCT)
Test P 100mg 3x/week
NPP 100mg 3x/week
Clomid 100mg/day from weeks 14-15, 16-18 dose lowers to 50mg/day

This is my intro!


Bro please do not take 2.5mg of Letro daily


How much should I take then?.. and why

It is the strongest AI and will crash your e2 very quickly. At 300mg test weekly, you may not need any AI at all (the Dbol may complicate that). The NPP will also not aromatize.

At 450mg test you’d likely need a small amount, but again with the NPP in there it may help keep e2 from getting too high.

I’ve only taken Letro once, to get rid of gyno years ago, and it is not a fun time. If you can get some anastrozole I think it would be easier for you to dose, and has a shorter HL so it clears out quicker if you fuck it up.

Shit I also didn’t comment on your PCT, which I think you’re starting too early. On the short esters wait 1-2 weeks before starting Clomid (wouldn’t use that, Nolva may be more tolerable). Taking it while you’re still suppressed is just a waste

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Alright cool, thanks for the info!

If I was to order some things to change out my cycle it could take a little while, but would it suffice to take the letro EOD? or even just 3x/week to minimize the dosage? I have extremely mild sensitivity as far as gyno goes with very minor lumps… so I am taking it for that as well. Would 3x/week eliminate that?

As far as Clomid goes, why would you recommend Nolva instead?

Any stage pics?

Nolva is a SERM and only blocks the receptors while allowing the benefits of E2 to still occur. Plus, when you come off an AI, you can have a “resurgence” of E2 that can fuck you up.

Like the others have said, you don’t necessary need any kind of AI. Drop the letro unless you get real lumps and get some nolva and keep it on hand but don’t take it until you have symptoms.

If you haven’t taken NPP or Deca, you should be aware of deca dick affecting you. If it does, you might need a DHT derivative like Masteron or Proviron.


I’ll get on ordering it asap in that case! Hahaha… i do have very mild lumps… two days on they have already lost sensitivity and size… what does masteron do as far as cycle support? I thought it was it’s own steroid…? I’ve heard proviron was good… I’ll look into that as well. Thanks for the info!

No sir. I was going to do a show May 30th, started prep about 12 weeks out, would have been my first. Next thing I know, corona virus hits and everything gets canceled. I’m planning on doing the first one I can when things reopen! Will keep you posted!

It is but it has some anti estrogen effects and the DHT helps combat deca dick. (I’m not sure of the process, I’ve read here somewhere) I’m sure other guys know.

For some reason, getting some people to understand this is very difficult. They have never taken an AI, doing their first cycle, and for some reason the hill they choose to die on is the “I am going to take an AI as prevention hill”. No amount of reasons against it can convince them.

This is not directed at this threads originator, just a musing.

A lot of guys seem to be getting some info from Reddit. Maybe that’s what’s driving them, then they get here and our knowledge base is more experiential rather than bro science. At least that’s what I like to think.

Just based on logic, you wouldn’t take something with potentially bad side effects, that you only have a chance of actually needing, if you could just take it when you actually know you need it.

I think there are just people that are adamant that E2 is evil. I was probably on the fringe of that group when I started. Thankfully God gave me a brain LOL

Why do we always say to treat the symptoms and not chase a number with E2? Nolvadex doesnt treat any E2 symptoms but only blocks the receptors so that gyno cant form. Should we change the way we give advice, more along the lines of let your body adapt, it will take time. But to keep an AI on hand? I am wondering how many have confused the symptoms and kept taking the AI thus crashing E2 even further.

I would consider that to be treating a symptom, in a very targeted way.

True, I agree with that. BUT we have seen guys take AI’s at the first sight of any symptom. Not to mention taking it without any symptoms. They already have it programmed into their cycle.

I am not sure if most know that nolva wont treat E2 symptoms.

I am not sure that I agree gyno is a “symptom”

It is incredible to me the number of guys posting a cycle with rearded quantities of AI for 500mg or less of test. I don’t get how they plan on lifting with no E2 to protect the joints.

I would call this treatment which prevents a symptom.