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New Member, Main Goal is Hypertrophy


Hey guys, I'm Chris. I've been lurking on the forums and through the articles for a while now, but just now decided to make a profile. I read the stickies for the "Beginner" section, and didn't think that I completely fit in there, so decided to do this here instead since hypertrophy is my main goal in weight training.

Not sure if anyone cares enough for an intro, but it's an online forum, which usually accompanies an open social environment, right?

So, a little bit on me I guess: I went through high school being a lazy kid who did nothing but play video games and go out at night and engage in activities that aren't conducive to good health or size. When I graduated and got into college, I joined the ROTC unit at my school, and picked up a Marine Corps contract. That's when I got more into working out, but that first year all that I really did is typical calisthenics involved in the training you see in military organizations, and run.

The summer after my freshman year, at 18 years old, I got tired of being the typical small runner type, so I joined up with a gym and started lifting weights. That was almost a year ago now, and I think that I've made some decent progress since then. My only real issue has been gaining size at an acceptable rate while still being able to do the 3 mile in a good time.


Hi there Chris,

Good luck with your training and hope you get stuck into all the advice there is here.

Just watch out for Holy Macaroni, he’s a pimp daddy disguised as a bodybuilder who is also a soon-to-be gym terrorist.

Oh yeah, and watch out for Growing-Boy, he may want you to become LaBuff.

Are you after specific info or have a question or is this just an intro?

The Alpha cell and BOI threads are good for general information and examples of how hard you should be working and what volumes. New thread about food intake will give you an idea of what everyone is eating.

Oh yeah, don’t feed the trolls…


come back when you can bench 405


Well, I’m pretty much just introducing myself since I plan on becoming an active member of the T-Nation community. I didn’t want to start posting in response to threads and have people saying “who is this silly twat?”


welcome, and thank god you didn’t post your stats or anything like that… you would have been obliterated by hardcore d00ds

anyways, he is right:




cool bro.

Welcome to T-Nation. Please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all time.


Thanks guys. Still don’t 100% understand the sense of humor around here, (like what was with that picture haha) but I guess I’ll catch on.


[quote]Mettahl wrote:
Thanks guys. Still don’t 100% understand the sense of humor around here…[/quote]

Oh boy. Lord have mercy on you. I recommend you check out the Sex and the Male Animal (SAMA) section.

And welcome. Don’t…feed the trolls.