New Member Looking to Understand Test Results

36 year old male

Lab results as followed:

Testosterone free. Low 134
RBC. Low. 4.48
Hemoglobin. Low. 133
Hematocrit. Low. 0.39
Platelets. Low. 133
Ferritin. High. 289
Ketones High. 0.5
Glucose Random. Low. 3.0

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase. Low. 13
Glomerular Filtration Rate. 88. consistent with mildly decreased kidney function.

Please help with what these results mean.

You have to put the ranges in when you post your labs.

And you need shbg, lh, fsh, total t, estradiol sensitive labs. At the minimum. Also tsh, free t3 free t4