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New member just saying HI


Im new here to this forum, i have barely just started weight lifting. I’m 5’7 and 130 lbs. I do bench press, bicep curls and stuff like that. I wonder how i can improve my body look wise and health. Do i have to change my diet to gain more muscle mass and lose the fat???

Hello and welcome,

As far as helping you out you are going to have to give more details.

Write down anything you can think of, stats, diet, work out, everything and I am sure many ppl will help ya out. But you have to help us help you.

Also, the first thing you should do is read up on as many of the old articles as you can.

As a rough estimate on my part of your w/o from what you wrote. I would just like to say base it on the big compound movements. It is not a good sign when you say I do bench and Bi curls and stuff and then ask what you can do to progress in the gym. There should have been I do bench, squats, deads, rows, chins, etc. What else can I do?

Read up, get you info together and come on back.



Yes, you will have to alter your diet to acheive your goals.

I agree - start reading the T-articles. Read 'em all if ya got the time!

Theres a great article for beginners that should help you, its called “Basic training for beginners”. I tried to post a link but it wasn’t working so just search for that.
Also, go to previous issues and read everything you have time for (thats what I’m doing right now).

Search for the article “Basic training for beginners”.

Hey! Welcome. I am fairly new here too. Best piece of advice I can offer is to read everything you can! You will learn a ton if you are diligent. A good place to start, if you are interested in putting on some size would be to check out all the articles on John Berardi’s massive eating plan. Good luck!!



Read MAG-10 Plan for Success https://www.biotestedge.com/html/mag10plan.html and also the links with-in each article. Great info on nutrition which needs to be the foundation of your workout program.