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New Member Introduction

Hey guys/gals just wanted to indtroduce myself and give you a bit of background.Im 32 and a “former” casual BB.Ive been off the “horse” for about 8 years now.Back in the day of D-bol strips Upjohn cip and the occasional bottle of old Ciba D-bol floating around lol.

Ive been feeling like complete crap for the past 7 years since off the horse and recently found a great doc and was diagnosed with Low -T. Ive run the whole gambit of anti depresants and head shrinkers for the past 7 years with crap for results.

Im currently on Androgel,Yes i know its weak sauce compared to my former days but i feel like a new man. My depression is getting better every day,chronic fatigue is all but gone,wake up with moring wood and actually feel alive for the first time in 8 years.

Anywho thats my intro if anyone has any questions etc feel free to ask away.I look foward to some good intelligent discussions in the months to come.

Glad to have you bro.

Welcome… to the wonderful world of T-NATION.


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Thanks for the warm welcome.Ill keep you guys updated on my progress.I plan on hitting the wieghts again soon after years off due to my low t levels and depression i had lost all intrest.Im feeling 100 x better now from just the relatively low dose of Androgel im taking.

I doubt ill ever go back to the old days im concerned with feeling good again and living a healthy lifestyle.Pretty Ironic that comming of the juice totally screwed my life and im back on again via presciption for life.Funny how some things work out eh?

Get back under the iron asap. I was in your shoes a while back. Still having trouble, but working thru it everyday. Getting back to lifting again helped me more than any threrapist did. Hang in there bro.

We are always here…just a click away.



Welcome to our twisted family. I love to hear form Old School Wariors, you guys have great advice and insight.

JW is right, lifting is the greatest form of therapy.