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New Member Introduction

Hi, not sure where to post this so if inappropriately placed somebody feel free to redirect me.

Going to keep this brief because I doubt anybody is particularly interested anyway.

I’ve been lifting for a few years albeit it very unstructured and perhaps at times misguided. I hopped onto the CrossFit bandwagon about 3 years ago and through that learnt I had a lot of mobility and flexibility issues which needed addressing if I was to progress in this game. Through CF I learned quickly that strength was a pretty important part of being able to complete the workouts so I began Starting Strength and carried that on for a while.

Fast forward about a year… I started toning down the CF work in favor of a traditional strength training type routine which I did alongside Carb Back Loading. Not long after I began training for the Royal Marines and started preparations for selection and recruit training.

Was in training for just over a year and recently passed fit for duty a few months ago so back on to training the way I love - with weights.

Training now
I love the traditional lifts; CNJ, snatch, squats, presses and pulls and base my training around these. Right now I’m focussing on increasing my strength in squatting, pressing and pulling and taking the time to dial in the technique of my olympic lifts (which although not bad, will become a limiting factor in progressing if I don’t sort it out). I plan on using the Texas Method for a few cycles until I am happy I have a strong enough foundation to support olympic lifting. In this time I’ll have hopefully squared away the errors in my lifting and be ready for a program focussed more toward that sport.

For the next 12 weeks I can commit to a solid schedule. I have a gym on camp at my disposal and ample time to train. I usually do 2 sessions a day however one of these sessions is dedicated to mobility, prehab, unilateral and strengthening small supporting muscles… and when I’m feeling dirty I do some vanity stuff too. Evening sessions are dedicated to strength work.

I’m not going to bother logging because I already do that on paper and I’m doing nothing new, nor exciting. Hopefully I can contribute a bit to those looking at joining the military or who are in training as I have seen a few around here.

The reason for putting this here and not the O lifting or powerlifting forum is because, like many others I’m interested in being bigger, stronger and leaner, by doing something I enjoy like olympic lifting.

I doubt there’s any, but if you have quezzies, fire away.


Welcome to the forums, you’ll find some good bits of knowledge from various folks - and we even have a couple very impressive Olympic lifters I believe as well.

I don’t believe there is a member introduction forum section, so this is good a place as any. We all share a common goal of self-improvement, so you’ll fit right in.

Thanks for serving and enjoy your stay.


Hey brother welcome to forum. And like you i am a member of my country’s military. I also am in the same pursuits you are on a quest for. Alot of the guys here are doing 5/3/1. HAve you ever tried this method. Its great because you can develop a pretty damn good amount of strenth in the big four (Bench,DL,Press and Squat).

I also throw alot of oly lifting in my assistance work and the majority of my vanity work is body weight. I am currently training for the SFAS selection course for Special Forces. ALOT of the guys who are getting seleected are running this program. Whats does your current program look like? Again welcome to the forum and i look forward to interacting with a comrade in arms.