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Hello, I just joined but have been reading quite a bit on here. I wanted to intoduce myself, say hello, and share my “adventure”. I am thankfull that I have found this site and the info in it. It has been very helpful so far. I apoligize for the novel ahead of time.
I am a 46y/o male 258lb 6’3" I have been dealing with Hypothyroid for almost a decade now. It started with some fatigue, mild loss of libido (both associated with lots of physical labor) it really came to light when I had a couple spots where my memory got spotty. I was also having an issue of being cold all the time. At that point off to the doc I went for a physical and blood work. In a nutshell Levothyroxine was prescribed and went through the process of getting the dose correct. Many of the symptoms were now gone, so it was left where it was. I was feeling ok. Doing my thing and didn’t know much about what I was dealing with. We landed on 175mcg and am currently there.

Fast forward to July of this year, I have 2 little kids and an exwife now, I was becoming more and more fatigued, bad moods, pulling what ever energy I could to function. I related alot of it to the divorce and being a single dad with no network of friends or social life.
I started at the gym and hired a trainer to get me on track. He noticed the symptoms as well and urged me to get in and get T checked. I did. It was pretty low. LabCorp does the testing, I attached the history of what I have so far. I wish I had more of the original Thyroid numbers, if I recall the doc at the time was only checking TSH.

Standard Range 8/29/18 9/5/18 9/14/18 11/8/18 12/6/18 12/20/18 (dates testing done)
1.50 - 4.20 % 4.06 3.36 3.48 2.28 1.86 2.08

5.00 - 21.00 ng/dL 9.58 5.71 8.80 2.33 L 4.61 L 5.39

264 - 916 ng/dL 236 L 170 L 253 L 102 L 248 L 259 L

Standard Range 4/9/18 8/29/18 12/20/18
0.82 - 1.77 ng/dL 1.40 1.39

2.0 - 4.4 pg/mL 2.6 3.1

0.450 - 4.500 uIU/mL 1.010 6.640 H 5.430 H

I have started on Test Cyp. 100mg a week IM. Started in early October. I was doing 200mg every 2 weeks and that sucked with the peaks and troughs. I am reporting to them for injections currently until we get some of this stabilized and then I will go on my own. I was able to get them to do the inj. weekly and that has helped settle the ups and downs. Not perfect yet but much better.
Taking 175mcg Levothyroxine daily in AM
Yesterday I included 48mg of Iodoral. I do most of my own cooking and didn’t use much salt if any. I am testing it out to see if it helps my general well being and will see what it does to the upcoming labs.
Temps have been in the 98.1 range mid morning (9-10 am at the dr.) I just started checking it this week and it has been in the low 98 the last couple early mornings.

I am at the gym 5-6 days a week, lifting, boxing (more of a conditioning with HIIT, metobolic training, etc.) My weight number has stayed the same or within 10lbs since July but the size and definition has increased as well as clothes fit better.
I am still dealing with some brain fog, low libido issues. It is improving but not at a level that I am happy with. I have spoke with my dr. (GP) so far they have been listening to me and seem to be willing to work with me on fixing not only the numbers but the symptoms as well. I am sure that when the numbers reach a “normal” range, that will all stop. I will be back to dr to get labs done for thyroid and T levels this week.
Again, sorry for the novel. wanted to share my info, If there is any feedback I would appreciate it as I am still learning about all of this.

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone and it stimulates the thyroid gland in the same way LH-Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone, so you wouldn’t check T status by only checking LH, but that’s what your doctor did by only checking TSH.

It can be really difficult to find a truly knowledgeable thyroid doctor, as someone once said, “Critical thinking and analytical thought does not seem to be needed to practice medicine”. The majority of doctors don’t stay up to speed within their own field of medicine and continue to practice medicine the way it was taught in medical school, this isn’t 1998, it’s 2019 and studies are released that shed new light on the reference ranges which are now invalidated.

It has become clear that previously accepted reference ranges are no longer valid as a result of both the development of more highly sensitive TSH assays and the appreciation that reference populations previously considered normal were contaminated with individuals with various degrees of thyroid dysfunction that served to increase mean TSH levels for the group.

So you see TSH is a huge debacle, checking Free T3 will tell you what’s going on at the cellular levels, yet most doctors don’t even test it. Free T3 interacts with the T3 receptors in your body speeding up metabolism and increasing body temperatures. Sometimes Reverse T3 can be elevated (>15 ng/dL) which can block Free T3 at the receptor as Reverse T3 competes for the same receptor.

You’re were spinning your wheels in the gym at those disease state levels.

Google “Optimal VS Normal Thyroid Levels for all Lab Tests & Ages”

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@systemlord Thank you. I agree it is a debacle. I also agree that Dr’s practice the way they were taught. They graduated and do their practice. The end.
I have talked extensively with the Dr. and the NP and both have agreed that me doing my homework is beneficial and I hope they listen. They encourage me to bring in pertinent info that I find. I am in a rural/remote area and would like to not have to travel out of town/state to get the care I need. I will, and most likely will have to though. I can’t believe how behind the times the numbers are and the old school logic is so strong. TRT is still so taboo. WTF?
I am still trying to absorb all of the information on these pages. It is a lot to take in and understand.
I am probably spinning my wheels, I wont stop. I am feeling better about myself and my appearance over the last 6 months. I can’t wait to get this in line and get the results I should for my hard work.
I am going in this week for another injection and blood work. It will be just for the tests I have listed above.
Any other info I should pass along or ask for?
Am I off base for doing my own Iodine suplimenting right now?

Pertinent info, got it. Studies are something doctor can act upon versus hearing it for the patient. They are many flawed studies out there indirectly showing TRT causes prostate cancer, so the taboo attached to TRT is do to very poor studies over many years. Now that TRT is more in demand, doctors are taking a second look and find BS in these studies.

Honestly I don’t think big pharma wants TRT to succeed because they want everyone on prescription drugs (opioids), replacing low hormones prevent a lot of diseases, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, dementia and even shows improvement in those with alzheimer’s disease.

All those expensive medications for those disease may not longer be necessary now that TRT is becoming more popular and getting more and more attention.

Reference ranges for TSH and thyroid hormones

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

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@systemlord I agree.
I appreciate the input. More to process. :slight_smile: