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@Lonnie123 I feel like the entire bodybuilding section is underutilized. Which is weird considering the forum we’re on


Arash is actually doing the Arnold this year. If I tag along, I’ll do my best to update on here.



I live in Columbus…if Arash is doing the Arnold, I’m buying tickets!


yeah the guys running the site have slept on a lot of great athletes passing through. I remember we had Eric Spoto logging on here for about 9 months about a year before he broke the all-time bench record and noone higher up seemed to interact or reach out to him.


Good luck to Arash in olympia.


Just seeing this now. 65 replies to a thread by an IFBB pro in a bodybuilding forum and my thread about polar bear sized ducks got like 2x that. Something is seriously wrong here.




Just shows the direction the forums have gone in recent years. Even the recent thread for the ‘18 Olympia is barely moving, and this is after a big upset.



Gotta say, Arash looked awesome. Such a tough division with so much talent.


I feel bad for Vissers


Oh yeah. He pushes himself so damn hard… divisions getting tougher every year.