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Why im not resting after the Olympia:
It’s a combination of two things,
1- you’re in a very Anabolics state during the rebound phase the body just wants to florish fill up and grow
2- The mental aspect just won’t let me rest. I’m hungry and driven

That being said I’m smart with the way that I’m training, I switched up my training techniques the next few weeks and I’m going to work on a few body parts I feel were lagging over this past 8 months of Prep (didn’t get a chance to come up)

I started taking Plasma again today which am very excited about. :wink: I feel like I’m actually feeding my body fuel it needs now rather than depriving it and cardio cardio cardio…



It’s all relative to how lean I want to stay or how bad I eat lol…
So far I am still doing cardio bc I didn’t want to rebound hard and.
I’m slowly tapering cardio and increasing carbs

But I mainly go by eye
If one day I feel too soft or think I’m putting on unwanted weight (fat or water) I’ll do some cardio…

If I know I’m gonna have a big meal/Cheat I’ll do very intense HIIT (which will deplete glycogen stores and make room for more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

That being said increasing calories and doing cardio daily or fasted is somewhat counterproductive.
Also, all my life I have done everything I know of to gain muscle mass… Now I really can’t gain much more bc of the CP weight limits… So just some refinement

MP days I didn’t do any cardio in offseason. Maybe a few sessions here and there simply for cardiovascular health
Hope this answers your question


Here’s a question I think might offer some interesting thoughts:

Now that you’re training for “bodybuilding”, even though there is a weight/height limit, do you feel like you can push more in terms of development? I know you always said that you were training as a bodybuilder anyway, but would you say that MP has a more rigid criteria in terms of proportions than Classic?

Obviously the flip side would be issues of having to make weight for a show. Not everyone sitting in front of their laptops bitching about Men’s Physique competitors realizes how big some of these guys really are.

[To anyone who hasn’t had the wonderful opportunity of hanging with Arash, he’s seriously a pretty big guy, with musculature that would probably humble most online 5’10 experts.]



I’d like to hear about his dehydration/dry out plan for making weight


So sorry for the late reply Stu! Must have missed this…
Great question…
First off, thank you for the compliment lol…

I believe there is ALWAY room for improvement and I plan to do so till im 6 feet under. That being said, I cant really put on slabs of dense muscle and add too much weight… I believe the CP Divison will raise 5 lbs as far as weight allowances…
I personally am focusing on outer quad sweep, lower lat thickness, and bicieps this off season.
I’m training hard and eating well (but not too much lol)

My training is still hardcore old school bodybuilding and my diet is very similar to how I eat on prep, just more food obviously.
So I hope this answers your question…


Whats the heaviest you get up to in the off-season?


Right now I’m sitting at 230lbs and I wont let myself go any higher.
I do few days low carb 2 days high carb, plus cheats here and there.
I really go by eye now a days…


Hi Arash, Big congrats on your placing! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me as I am currently very confused, I love the classic look and intend on competing in it next year and was just trying to work out what the max weight I could come in at (i’m 5’11), I have checked the IFBB formula and my interpretation of it was that the max weight I can be is 86kg (190lbs), which to me seems a bit light given the height and means I would actually have to lose around 4-5kg of muscle for me to actually make that weight. I saw in this thread you mentioned you had to make a weight of 205lbs? This seems more reasonable to me as the formulas I were looking at seem much more favourable towards short people, I mean you had frank zane compete back in the day at 195-200lbs at 5’9 so I don’t know why they would place such a low limit for taller people?


You will have to check with the Npc. Npc and IFBB have different weight LIMITS.
That being said I was allowed to be 205 pounds at 5’10"
NPC is 5 pounds lighter but you are 1 inch taller I think you can weigh more than 190


Your friend physic is amazing. I also like bodybuilding.


I’ll just throw in here, for anyone who doesn’t follow the sport closely, that the height to weight guidelines have changed for this year. At 5’10, competitors are now allowed to come in at 210 lbs. that’s an extra 5 lbs compared to last year, which is a HUGE difference when you’re talking about pure muscle!

And assuming we’ll get some pics of Arash up here as we close in on the 2017 Olympia in several weeks, you’ll see what 210 lbs of actual muscle on a 5’10 frame looks like. (Hopefully Putting to bed any ridiculous ideas that keyboard experts of similar height, who never dieted down but believe they’d weigh over 220 lbs onstage, and showing them as pure delusion.)



thanks for the information, very interested :smiley:


Still remember when we first met at synergy and most people at my gym would say I was “ripped” or “shredded” and you didnt bat an eye and said 10-15 pounds away. You don’t believe it until you are on stage and you’re down 15 pounds with veins popping out of everywhere hahahah


Lol - that first contest is a sobering experience! You were lucky if you consider how many first time competitors don’t fully understand what Contest conditioning is.

I was fortunate to have had a better handle on what was necessary when I first started out than most do, but having judged so many shows by now, I won’t even argue with people who don’t “get it” but think that they do.

You, rob and brad are all good friends, but along with plenty of others just from this board that I’ve worked with, I’m sure that I’ve burst a ridiculous amount of bubbles :slight_smile:



I consider you my rabbi in terms of bodybuilding!


Come on man, we both know a certain hamburger eater that was only like 15 pounds from the stage man. :wink:


220 pound stage weight, natty, at 5’10". Oh wait, no one has ever seen this.


Don’t you put limits on me! -lol






You know, as I look at this thread, I almost cant believe how underutilized it has gone. A freaking IFBB pro, Olympia stage competitor is here willing to talk shop and almost no one took him up on it