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HA… are you making fun of me using humble in my comment :blush:


Thanks for posting such detailed info about your nutrition! I’ve discovered recently I have similar tendencies, when keeping carbs high I need to keep fats to a minimum (but hormonally healthy) level. As you mention carb timing and keeping around 200g, are most of the carbs you’re getting pre-post workout? On your non-carb meals, do you supplement with any added fat (extra nuts or avocado or something like that) or rely on the fat from your protein source along with the fish oils?

Thanks again for posting and providing us with an insight on the life of a successful IFBB pro, extremely informative!


that’s brilliant. I’m totally stealing that.


I have carbs at meal one up to workout and 1 meal after.
Ill cut post workout carbs when trying to get down in weight, also gets me diced… Body calls from glucose, burn fat instead.

No added fats in no carb meals, I simply get to big.


lol Glad you Like it!


Solid journal here Arash! Brickhead told me about you and this thread. Said you were a great guy in MPD and CP to follow and learn from. I am here to gain some insights as a long time powerlifter making transition to stage fitness. Very eager to follow you and see what’s up.


@arash_rahbar, what do you like to do for cardio in a contest diet vs off season?

Also, a question I meant to ask a long time ago, what do you start a contest prep with cardio wise va. how many sessions of cardio do you typically finish a contest prep with?


@arash_rahbar … I just wanted to take a second to make a post about your Classic Physique showing at this years Olympia. I thought it was pretty obvious that you were the best on the stage, followed closely by the man who placed 4th. Luimarco posted a couple videos about your competition, and I think they are pretty spot on. I’ll think them below for everyone else.

As a closing statement, you looked amazing and your posing was awesome. Congratulations on making it to the Olympia and being interviewed by Flex. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, man!


Arash, killer job at the O! Looked great and your hard work was obvious man. Really great. Enjoy your little break from the prep life lol.


II know it’s a new division, and there’s gonna be good and bad rumblings. I will say that Arash looked amazing, and I’m pretty sure he’s happy with what he brought. Of course, I can guarantee you that he’s already antsy to come in even better in 2017.

It’s hard to take anything I write completely objectively, knowing that Arash is a good friend of Mine, but I do try to look at things as removed as I can. That said, there are plenty of criteria; poses, levels of conditioning, size, proportions etc that factor into any judging situation. If you read elsewhere online you’ll certainly see some common assessments:

-so and so didn’t belong In the top 5, and was given a political gift
-so and so was undersized in the chest and delts and actually had a protruding gut in his side chest pose
-so and so’s back was downright amateur in caliber

My personal opinion: I think Arash had the best siZe and proportions no question. He’s the only guy whose pecs didn’t disappear with certain front poses, and unquestionably one of the best shoulder to waist ratios I’ve ever seen. (And no belly on his side chest pose either -lol) conditioning and tan, just perfect. None of that unhealthy look that some guys get either. Would I have been totally trilled if my good friend took the first ever classic Okympia? No f-ing question! Still, we all look back at that first women’s physique Olympia where DLB “won” over Jules and the entire industry rolled their collective eyes and said “politics much?” -lol.



I agree with your post completely, sir. I suppose I should have drank more coffee before writing my feelings. I suppose I can sum my position up, and agree with yours, in the following two statements:
I’m baffled by Sadik’s inclusion in the top 3, let alone top 6, because he doesn’t look anything like the other three in the top 4. This leads me to want to have a closer look at the judge’s scorecards to better understand their judging criteria (since this division is so new).

But, with respect to your DLB comment, I understand your viewpoint better after having that contextualized. Thanks for keeping it real!


I saw Brad’s post and had to come say, this is the most EXCITING thing that’s happened here in a long time!!! Congratulations, Arash! Just phenomenal.


Just wanted to point out that Arash hasn’t gotten home from Vegas yet, so I’m sure he’ll pop in once he does and decompresses a bit :slight_smile:



He’s back in LI today. :slight_smile:


It’s cliche but appropriate, he got robbed.


Whats up guys!!
Yes, I’m back in NY

Had a blast at the Olympia and it was an honor being part of history!!
I obviously went there for victory but it is what it is. I will work harder and only get better…
that being said, I’m happy with the package I brought and I feel it was my best overall package to date!!


Welcome back to the online party! Great showing mate. Is it back to work or are you taking a couple more weeks down time?


I’ve trained everyday since Saturday (twice on Sunday bc of buffet lol)
Landed 5am on wend
Was at Bevs for cardio 6am!!

I have a fire in me that’s even hotter now…


Big fan of that approach…I have never been a huge fan of down time especially following a contest!


Hey @arash_rahbar, quick question if I may.

With the switch to classic physique, how much cardio do you plan to do in the off-season compared to when you were doing Men’s Physique with no weight limit for your height?