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New Member Here


What up I cam across this forum after searching for a new home as the forum that I was currently on… well lets just say things went south with the way went about doing things. This looks like a great board with a lot great girls and guys looking forward to becoming apart of this community.

24 yr
14% bf
Been lifting for 4 years
Back ground in nutrition
fitness Trainer for 2+ years
Played a little college FB
competed in Power lifting
Currently train for BB shows hear and there ( more of a hobby then career)
have 1 plus cycles under my belt, still have a lot to learn.


Welcome aboard. Make sure to check out the Pharma board. May be you have something to contribute.


Started lifting at 9

Been a fitness trainer since at least 14

Over five cycles at 24

I don’t see how anything could possibly be a bit off here…


hahahahahahaahahha and then he edited all the numbers. He must think we’re fucking idiots.

screw off Noel.


He really does still have a lot to learn.




What in the actual fuck


People are strange


Online forums are some of the last places you can lie and puff yourself up for years on end, putting off actually backing up any claims made.

Think about it, you can claim numbers but never have footage of lifts, take your own selfies hunched over and in bad lighting while never being seen next to anyone else, heck, you can even post shots of yourself in an actual bodybuilding contest, always talking about how you almost won albeit never ever showing a photo of the actual line up… the internet was made for wannabes and people who have to exaggerate.



cough @Yogi1 cough


You would think it woulda been easier to just modify the age and say “Sorry, fat fingers, meant to write 34”


Especially when you might have experienced people whom have been around whom have built in bullshit detectors


Dude that’s exactly what I was thinking lol much more believable than “I miss wrote every stat and number except my age”


So now been lifting for 4 years? So no lifting while playing some college FB or even at the High school level? That in itself pretty hard to swallow. Considering most FB program at either level have athletes doing some type of strengthening programs.


Haha, the difference is i’ve never claimed to be good at anything


Ahhh there it is. The savagery is back. Yes.