New Member, Hello

Hello All.

I am a new member, as well as being very new to lifting in any serious manner. Well actually I want to begin lifting in a serious manner.

A few stats. befor I ask any ?'s.

Age: 28
weight: 280
Height: 6’
BF%: high
Lifting experience: On and off for years. I do know how to do the basics like bench, squat, deads, etc. but have been guilty of doing the vanity movement like curls and concentrating on chest movements.

Diet: HELP!!!

I guess that should cover the important stats.

What I am looking for is a little direction on where I can turn for a great diet and training routine that will help me on my new mission to once and for all get in shape.

This is the first time I have been to this site, and first time I have ever really looked at various bodybuilding/fitness sites. This one seems like a good place.

Any help with where to start reading on this site or if I would be better served by looking at another source would be much appreciated.


Squishy ( looking to become not so squishy)



I would like to say that you have stumbled upon what can prove to be a great tool to your future success. The mag and this forumn can and will be as much help as you put into it.

For staters I would say just start reading all the articles you can.

For diet anything by JB and Lonnie Lowery will be great help. I would start with JB’s “7 Habits” article. Then just do a search on Both these guys names and read up.

For training, any and all of the programs on here will be a solid choice. I would suggest checking out all of Chad Waterbury’s programs as well as CT’s.

You should probably go to the Faq, link and start there then move onto the previous issues.

Find diet/training programs that interest you and come on back with some more specific ?'s.

Hope this helps,

Good advice from Phill, also check out tdawg2.0 diet.

Welcome to our little cult. Uh, I mean community.

Things have changed around here, and I believe it is a little harder to find articles. To find T-Dawg 2.0, move the mouse to archives, click on 2003. it is fairly close to the bottom of the page.

It is the most popular diet here.

Thanks guys.

I got to tell you I could use a bit more help though.

I have been sitting here reading for several hrs now and I think I am reaching sesory over load. We got P+C and P+F, we got high volume, low volume, we got cardio no cardio, it just seems that every darn article sends me in a new direction and I cant lock in on anything.

My main goal as of right now is to shed some of this blubber, as well as if I can add some good muscle. Is this reasonable in my situation.

What diet do you recomend. A couple have said Tdawg 2.0. Thanks to mage I found it and it seems interesting. Is this diet in general considered something I could use with success toward the goals I stated.

Training. I am lost here. All the programs seem quite interesting. Which ones would you have me choose from. Which would work best for me to slim down as well as add some quality muscle.

I am talking real results that you all have had. I am sure any consistant program will do me good, but why not go for a great one. LOL

Then their is cardio. Do I need to run every day. Not at all. A little. This seems like the biggest area of differing opinions.

Then there are supplements. What do I really need and what is going to help me out the most.

To wrap this up. I am willing to read, and educate myself. At some point I need to focus in and just do it and I would like some recomendations if you would.

Thanks again,

Squishy, There are a lot more people on this forum who know more than I do about all things bodybuilding, but I think I can help you a little. You say you want to lose “blubber” and put on muscle at the same time. This is what everybody wants to do and unless you have superior genetics it’s not going to happen. You have to focus on one or the other. I recommend “The Mutation Series” by CT. It includes a training program,diet & supplements you can use.If you have any questions about this please ask,and I’m sure someone will answer if I can’t.

Hey squish welcome aboard. It sounds like you have somewhat of a gameplan going and everyone’s advice has been good as usual :slight_smile: Now it’s up to you to figure out what works for YOU. That’s the whole beauty of intelligent bodybuilding. You have to learn what works best for you and apply it. Honestly all the programs here have some merrit but for one reason or another certain ones will be better for you then others. My only advice would be to find one that you KNOW you will be able to stick with to a T for a month or so till you break your cherry and are ready to get into something that might be more uncomfortable/
“hardcore”. Good luck, and like I’ve said to many like yourself you’re in the right place.

Welcome to rhe community.I would also
recommend you use Hot-Rox to lose weight.

dont get so caught up in the perfect diet or perfect lifting routine… you’ve got to try ONE and stick with it for some duration (maybe 6-8 weeks for diet) or however long they recommend in the weight training programs…

you WILL get overloaded, the point is, calm down, relax, try something 100%, if it doesnt work (it will work, to an extent, if you are lifting and eating good and sticking to the plan) then try something different…

as for weightloss, any advise you read on here that says 'now on this day have protein + fat meals make up the majority of your day, take in alot of fish oil or flax oil" FOLLOW THAT ADVISE , p+f meals with alot of flax really works

i dont have too much experience but… you should check out the mutation series, great stuff…

peace & good luck

Hi, I am in a similar situation though have been hanging around this site for a while. Read all of the Dawg School articles, the Youth Gone Wild article (all Chris Shugart’s I believe…?)Then just try to get your head around John Berardi’s P+F P+C meals, read Restriction Contradiction Parts 1 and 2 by Lonnie Lowery and it will help you work out your calorie needs. You don’t need to build muscle if your bf is very high, just weight train to help with the weight loss and to avoid any muscle loss. You should find that you have more than you thought when you take off the layer of fat. Any program will work but personally I would try either the Beginner’s Blast Off Program (C.Shugart again! I think this is part of a Dawg School article)or Ian King’s Limping series along with his Super Strength 12 week program. So to conclude- use rest. contra. for cal needs. D/School for training tips. Beginners Blast Off for a basic program/split and something like “The Essential Berardi” (CS) to check out his effective ideas.

Hope that helps.

Hey Squishster, welcome aboard. I figured I’d throw my two cents onto the pile as well. I’m no huge expert, but I have gone from around 250 lbs down to 200 lbs… so I know what you face.

First, there are three simple things you want to start managing. Your diet. Your workout. Your recovery. There are a lot of sophisticated plans but to get going today, you don’t have to worry too much about it. The good news is that at a heavy weight and starting out it isn’t hard to get progress.


I’d suggest starting out by becoming aware of carbs (as well as the other macronutrients you are eating). Any time you eat you should be thinking “how much carbs, fats and protein are in this?” Soda, sugary drinks, chips, snack foods, fast foods all need to be taken out of your diet if they haven’t been.

While you are busy learning what is on this site, here are some simple guidelines to follow to get you started right away. Eat healthy carbs. Things like oatmeal or most vegetables. Eat protein with every meal. Avoid fats and carbs in the same meal. Don’t go crazy about this, just start thinking about this and keep on reading. It will get easy.


Pick anything. Really. If you work hard and feed yourself well you will make progress. However, if you’ve been out of it for a while, take it easy when you start out. No use risking injury or overtraining as you get back into the swing of things.

If you don’t want to think too hard, just do something like this for a short while as you research on the site:

M Bench Day

  • other stuff

W Deadlift Day

  • other stuff

F Squat Day

  • other stuff

Pick some other stuff you know and like and rearrange it as you learn more. You can add short cardio after the workouts if you want or do it on off days. Pick a program at some point and get more serious. Don’t worry about “the right” anything to start… just get started and keep going.


Make sure you have good post workout (PWO) nutrition. This means you’ll need carbs and protein. Surge, sold on the site, is often recommended. Other than that, you probably don’t need to worry about supplements right now. You can save them for when your diet and workout are dialed in.

Also on the recovery front, simply make sure you get enough sleep. Compressing your rest, as many of us do, simply does you no good at all when working out and beating up your muscles regularly.

Anyhow, to summarize, eat right, do anything that looks like a good workout involving heavy compound movements and get plenty of rest. Repeat! As you learn more and see things you like, give them a try. Also, you’ll want to keep a food log soon if you aren’t now. Instructions are on the site somewhere on how to do so.

ok, so i’m a lurker that no one knows around here. But it seems like what you want is this article:;jsessionid=FDE37923820DE4D71123934E09EFB949.ba06?article=body_130dawg

It’s where I usually send “brand new” people if they ask me.

Advanced training is not what you need for now.

Also, get excited, if you start working out at our current stats you will be able to see changes really quick (2-3 weeks). It gets harder once you get in a little better shape.

Good Luck.

Issue 162= The Missing Ingredient by Chris Shugart. Guide to food logs.

J 1



I am kinda on a weird schedual and have to get some rest now and am usually lurking around at night on the site.

I will re-read all these great suggestions and come back with hopefully an idea of what I am going to start with, and possibly a few more questions if you all dont mind.

Thanks again for all the support, I will go over every deatil and article you have suggested. Try and keep my head clear.

I seems the suggestion is that it is best to nail my diet first while doing some w/o. Then when I have that nailed progress more in the gym.

Does this sound correct?

Thanks again,



You have already gotten some great advice from some of the other regulars. I just want to personally welcome you to the finest muscle building Forum in the world!

Furthermore, if you are ever in need of assistance do not hesitate to PM me. I will always help a fellow member all that I can!


There is always a lot to digest on T-Mag. It might be easier for you, as a beginner, to have a simplier place to start.

A couple of books that I really like for beginners:

Mens Health Book of Muscle by Ian King
Your Body Revival by Dave Draper.

These are good starting places, with the science laid out simply and the diet and workouts concise and in easy to understand order. Good motivation and diet advice in both. King’s book actually puts together workouts for beginners through Advance trainees.

Hey Squish, welcome…

For diet info, check out John Berardi’s articles here on T-mag.

Also, if Phill offers his advice, you can pretty much take it to the bank, he’s been there done that, as well as some others here on the forum.

You have found THE best site for bodybuilding info on the web, good luck and keep us posted on your efforts.

OK, guys a little update on my possible decisions and a few questions.

I have decided to simply start by following and getting used to the stuff outlined in JB’s 7 Habits article. Just getting used to and finding good food choices, and getting accustomed to this P+Cand P+F thing.

Seems if I start here and take a month just nailing these concepts not really worrying about losing yet, just changing my lifestyle I will be on a good start.

Then I can m,ove on and further concentrate on losing. I am thinking Tdawg2 but would also like your thought on the Dont Diet Diet. At this point I can forsee many more ?'s running the #'s I just want to take it a step at a time.

As for training I think during this first month I am going to go with ABBH. It seems like a solid easy to follow program, that is built around the big basic movements. My problem is I workout alone and dont really know my 1RM’s can I simply find a weight that I can barely squeeze out the last rep on the last vset and start there. Then I will go up from ther the nexst week and so on.

I plan on starting this off on Monday so I can have everything in line.

Any feedback would be great,

Thanks again,

Mr Squishy - you don’t need to know your 1rm for ABBH. You should be able to find a 1rm calculator on some of the other bodybuilding sites so you can predict what resistance to use.

You will need to perform a “testing week” so you can establish a failure weight/rep (generally under 10 reps) for the exercises you intend you use. Then just plug these figures into the ole 1rm calculator and your’e away!

Err on the side of caution though, so as not to overload your self too soon.

If you are keen to drop fat whilst maintaining/increasing lean mass, german body comp and meltdown are two excellent programmes, or you could combine ABBH with high octane cardio or running man programmes…

Anyway, get in the gym - the best programme in the world is still crap if you don’t get in the gym and use it!!!

Good luck.