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New Member, Funny/Sad Story to Tell


So, just joined and thought i would say hello. Something interesting happend to me earlier this week, in my still short training career. I have been following a bill starr strength factor routine and lucky me, monday was deadlift day. So, I get set and am ready to make my top set, this time 345x5 (horrible by most standards here I know, but a personal best none the less). Now, I am wearing a belt provided by my university gym and it has certainly seen at least a few years of action, but I still figure its better than nothing. WRONG.

I get set for my first rep and break the bar maybe 6 inches off the floor and the belt rips. Full on rips apart, no buckle issues, the leather itself ripped in half. Now, while a comical little experience that was, it also jarred my back quite badly. I ended up going to the campus medical center a few hours later due to shooting pain in my lower back and glutes. So now I am in a cyclobenzaprine and tylenol fog for the next week and half to two weeks. Really bummed me out actually, I thought I was finally making decent headway, and now I am off for 2 weeks bare minimum.

Anyway, really appreciate the forum here guys, read many topics before I joined and think its a great source of knowledge, glad to be part of it now.


would of been funny if someone was filming and as soon as the belt ripped, you let out a technoviking roar as you collapsed to the ground with your back spasming

get well soon brah




stop using a belt to deadlift. especially with that weight


Well played sir.

Had the same thing happen to me on squats. After that I bought my own belt.

Get well soon bud.


Inzer belt: 10 or 13 mm. You will pay a bit for quality but you will never need another belt for the rest of your life; unless, of course, you turn into a fat fuck and outgrow your belt size.


Or start out as a fat fuck and then get tired of punching hole after hole in your enormous old belt...


Yeah, already on it guys. Already feeling much better, and I have an inzer belt on the way, nothing fancy, their cheap model, but yeah I learned my lesson on this one.


okay guys, update on the situation today. For the first time since the injury, I attempted a workout yesterday. I just worked up to some fairly easy deadlifts, top set of 275x5. Still not feeling well at all. I had troulbe the rest of the day and today with back pain similar to what I experienced when the injurty occured, albeit less severe.

On some of the earlier sets, when I would push into the floor with my heels I would feel some slight pressure and a sensation, not pain, but a sensation right above my tailbone. So, still not sure what the issue is, but obviously, I need more time to heal, and it might help if I lost some weight in the process. I have currently sitting at a fairly chubby 225 at 5'6" tall, so I wonder if part of the issue is the extra weight I am carrying exacerbating the issue.


Try to find a good chiropractor. A good one can not only put things back where they belong but advise you on muscle imbalances and flexiblitiy issues which could be a contributing factor to your back not healing quickly.


Learn to use your natural belt instead of relying on an artificial one.


So at this point, considering the pain and the general shittiness, would he be better of laying low and dropping deads altogether for a while, or strip back down way low in weight to at least keep the rear chain working while not taxing it?


I'd let it heal. I had the same thing happen to me a few years back. I tried pushing it, and ended up exacerbating it.


What could be suggested workload for him while it heals? Or is it just that? A time for healing only? Sorry if it seems I'm annoying, I'm actually pretty interested in recovery.


let it heal.

he is a new guy without an upcoming show or meet to worry about.

not worth the risk


Well right now, since I need to drop a fair bit of weight anyway and need to let this heal, I thought I could maybe focus on a lot more conditionining and bodyweight work: hill sprints, car pushes, pushups, dips, pull ups, etc.

Honestly, since I am not especially strong now anyway and would much rather start over injury free and rebuild my base, I don't especially care if I lose strength right now. I am not thrilled about that prospect, but I figure in the long haul, being lighter and injury free is more important than risking injury by attempting to continue working around the injury. Thoughts?


Get yourself healthy. Deadlifts arent that important imo. Others here will argue otherwise.

Work on exercises you can do pain free.

Since your a newbie its not gonna hurt to quit deadlifing for months.

How is your diet btw?


Back for another update. So, I have been on christmas break for the past few weeks, and this week, I got a little bored and started messing around with some olympic lifting stuff. Oddly enough, i can do cleans pain free. I got a 240 lb clean on wednesday, felt fine afterward. And just about 20 minutes ago, I put 305 on a bar and deadlifted it for a light triple....still feeling fine. I don't know what I did differently, but I am actually feeling alright. I am not knocking it, since I am feeling better, but I think its odd that 275 for 5 made me feel terrible, but what I did this week was fine.


Increase your deadlift weight by 5 lbs every week. Every 6 weeks, take a 2 week break from deadlifts.
Problem fixed. Ok, brah?
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