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Greetings! My name is Joe from central North Carolina. I am 38 years old and have never competed in powerlifting, however have trained pretty hard since I was roughly a young teenager. Job change a few years ago had me very sedentary and caused me to put on a lot of weight. Mostly fat. Hate cardio and wanted to just lift again. No avail to weight loss. Did some research as I am a medical provider now after long years in the books and found ways to improve my diet while increasing my strength and losing weight. My New Year’s resolution for 2022 was to buckle down and get myself ready mentally and physically to start competition powerlifting. While doing so, I’ve been able to shed some weight (more to go!!!) and motivate myself as well. Just got myself some new training gear as well as a new bench press shirt to get back to equipped lifting. Looking forward to gaining some more insight here on the forum.


Always good to get back into physical activity! Good for you!

How strong are you currently? Geared powerlifting just takes more time than raw training. Time that could be spent building strength. If you have a lot of raw strength that can be build now, I would hold off on the gear and focus on just getting strong in general vs building a very specific skill (shirted benching).

Relatively strong. I’ve used shirts in the years past. Just never competed. Other than between some friends. I have a great deal of experience with training especially in the 3 core lifts as well. I work in orthopedics and sports medicine and serve as a volunteer as a strength coach for a local club sports team so the knowledge base is there. I need to tweak some training to make it count towards some auxiliary strength with lats, front delts, and triceps. Especially locking out. Oh, and to clarify the “gear”, should’ve been more specific as it’s a new duffel bag with the shirt, belt, wrist wraps, and some other misc things like my headphones. Man I sound like a total noob again! But hey, it’s enjoyable and getting me progress! Thanks for the reply bro!!

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