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New Member Fourth Cycle. Opinions


32 years old - 5 11 - 210lbs - 12%bf - three previous cycles - clean diet - trainning 5 days a week - Done tren e once, tren Ace once loved both as well as dbol and test e, test prop. Never tried Masteron or Proviron.

Gearing up for fourth cycle:

dbol 50mgs ed weeks 1 - 6
Prop 75mgs ed weeks 3 - 14
tren Ace 50mg ed weeks 5 - 12
Masteron 75mg ed weeks 7 - 14
proviron 60mg ed weeks 5 - 12
Adex .25 mg ed weeks 1 - 14
HCG 250iu 2 x per week 3 - 14

pct clomid and nolvadex

Kind of confusing but i've been studying up on the proviron and masteron and am very excited to add these in to the mix. My goal is a lean bulk finished off with a hard cut look. I'm not really "cutting" at all but want to finish my cycle as clean and defined as possible.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? are these to many at once in your opinion?


Lots of stuff in there…what is your prior experience with these compounds? May be helpful to provide your past history.


Why 3 weeks of standalone Adex and Dbol? Move your T usage to line up with starting those compounds.

IE 1-12 Test, ADex
1-4 DBol
4-9 Mast + Tren
10-12 Dbol

13 PCT

I think Proviron is unnecesary in this case, Masteron and Tren will harden you up more than you expect.
If you want to finish super cut and dry run your DBol 1-6 so that your clear of ‘bloat’ compounds by the end of the cycle.