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New Member/First Powerlfiting Meet

Hello everyone. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s post and a countless number of the articles on T-Nation. With the encouragement from a good friend, I will be entering my first powerlifting competition in July. This is my 2nd week following the 5/3/1 program and I’m super excited and nervous as well…any tips or advice you guys can offer I would appreciate…I’m starting to get back to the strength levels I was at before child #2.

Age: 35 in May
Ht: 5’7
Weight: 190lbs
Squat Max 250lbs
Bench Max 175lbs
Deadlift Max 245lbs

Should I try to cut weight to be in the 181 class?
Any weight belt brands you guys like would suggest; I’ve never lifted with one?

Thanks again!!!


All of the above are quality belt brands. Make sure the belt you get is the same width all the way around. I’m not sure if it’s different for girls (sorry!), but I’d say get a 10mm thickness belt, single prong or double prong, doesn’t matter much. Lever belts are really cool, but a bit of a hassle if you’re changing weight since you needs tools to adjust it.

For your first competition, don’t worry about your weight. You can cut to 181 eventually, but no need to add that extra stress factor to your very first contest.


What meet are you doing?

I like the Inzer forever lever belts.

Good for you on the training with two little kids.

Thanks for the input…I’m going to order my Inzer belt now.

My friend suggested I do a “laid back” meet my first time to see if this is what I wanted to do so I’m entering the Georgia Games held outside of Atlanta,