New Member, First Cycle, Help Needed!

Hi my name is Lukas,
I have used T-Nation for a while now so thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.
I have been training now for approx. 4 years and training hard with a good diet. I am now looking to start my first cycle.

I have been reading up now for approx. 3 months and decided i want to start.
For my first cycle a friend of mine suggested
Sust, Deca and Dbol to “Kick Start” the gains.
For a first cycle would these be suitable?
Looking on 8 week min-12 week max

Any information as to wether this would be suitable or not would be appreciated.
I am uncertain on doses etc as when i have read up there are so many different opinions i know the sust should be @750mg however i am unsure about the deca Dbol to be run @50mg per day for the first four weeks?

I understand i will need PCT however i have no knowledge over PCT products alot of what i read is all in code names, i have read up about people taking HCG shots every week whilst on the course then possibly some tamox to combat any gyno?

Any advice would be truly appreciated

Thankyou for your time

Read the stickies.

Way too much shit for a first cycle.

There is a sticky that has an entire cycle with PCT, ancillaries, ect laid out, just for first cycles.