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New Member & Another Cycle

What’s up guys? I have been following this forums for quite time now and finally signed up. My height is 5’11 and my weight is 195 pounds as of right now. About 12%-14% body fat. 26 years old.

Here is a list of products that I have received (I’ll post pics later on).

30cc of Test E
20cc of Tren E
350 10mg tbol’s
60 50mg winny pills

I would just propably do something like that:

1-15wk test 500mg/wk
1-10wk tren 400mg/wk
1-7wk tbol 50mg ed
8-16.5wk winny 50 ed

Some people tell just to run oral cycle during summer and keep test and tren for winter. Any input how you guys would run this?

PCT: I have nolva, clomid and letro on hand. Never had problems with gyno before (knock on wood).

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What’s up with pointless question? I pick this for no reason. As a joke.

Anyways I have done gear before.

Okay, let’s hear it Bushy. :slight_smile:

So whats the purpose of this cycle? Why so damn long? 16+ weeks???
Why orals all the way through?

Just overall not a good cycle for what you have to work with.

Id personally run two much shorter cycles with what you have.

400mg/wk with the Big Nasty (Tren) eh? Dbol seems kinda of high, kinda of asking for it at that point if your shit is good. Test is just about right. I don’t care for winny. You have Nolva on hand for what? A SERM taper?

Bushy is entitled to ask any questions he wants, IMO. Test, Dbol, Tren with a Stasis/Taper/SERM PCT is my vote. If that doesn’t put some hair on your chest I don’t know what will.

I agree with BBB

10 weeks of Tren and 7 weeks of D-bol…
isnt that like insane…I mean you will get nasty sides…especially at those high doses for such a long time…

Where is you AI for your cycle?

People!!! Where do you see d-bol. it’s t-bol

People have ran tbol for 8 weeks before with alot of results.

And I have Nolva Clomid for PCT and Letro for some water.

I have done tren before. 400mg tren is just right.

LillGuy001: If you would run 2 shorter cycles than what would you run?

P.S. Thanks for the imput.

Update!!! Instead of tbol, I will receive 40ml of test prop.

You have not done enough research

wks 1-10 Test E
wks 1-8 Tren E
wks 1-6 OT

That is 12 weeks of surpression, on the long end IMO
I would do this
Test P
good strength and good synergy

Test E
Tren E
a more “powerful” stack for when you have researched more and understand steroids better.

Whatever u choose i say keep it 8-10weeks…