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New Member and New Test Results

Hello everyone I’m new here to T nation! I have been on T for about 3 months now. My current protocol is just 200mg T per week broken down into 2 injections. My doctor does not really know too much about TRT however is willing to experiment with me getting different treatments. My previous test results were for t and free t only. My new test results included more tests. I am 30 years old
The new results
T is 546ng/dL on a scale of 240-950ng/dL
Free T is 21.8 on a scale of 4.85-19.0ng/dL
Estrogen is high 476pg/mL on a scale of 60-190pg/mL
LH is 1.5mlU/ml on a scale of 1.7-8.6mlU/ml
FSH is .66 mlU/ml on a scale of 1.6-9.7mlU/ml
I need help leveling out my hormones any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will be going to the doc on Monday to discuss this.

You are obviously not taking an anti-estrogen. We are only concerned with estradiol not total estrogen. Please be sure you test for E2 and the test should be sensitive. Also need SHBG. Your TT is lowish for that dose of Test but your FT is good. You WILL NOT have success with TRT if you don’t control E2. Also, 200mg of T per week is a very large dose for TRT. Most guys take much less.

You may need 1.0 mg anastrozole per week for those T levels. 1/2mg at time of injections.

How small are your testes now?
Hint: inject 250iu hCG SC EOD
Testes not small? - see next paragraph

Something wrong. LH/FSH should be near zero on TRT. You may be a hyper T metabolizer and typically we see such guys needing 300mg T per week to get where others are at 100mg. You would then need to inject EOD E2D as your effective half-life would then be very short.

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With high E2 we suspect that the liver is not clearing estrogens. Test AST/ALT. Some drugs interfere with E2 clearance. List all of your meds, OTC and Rx, as well as anything bidirectionally interesting.

Test E2 in the future.

Gentlemen thank you for your comments, as you know I am new to TRT. I got a sensitive estradiol test done and the test confirms it my E2 is 90. The good doc put me on Anastrozole (1mg per week split into two doses the day after T injection. What can I expect from Anastrozole besides better e2 numbers? I have quite a bit of chest acne that I am trying to treat myself, will this possibly clear up? Will getting my e2 down help with strength and muscle size as well? Thank you again

Sorry missed that you had replied after KSman, I did not see any studies in men on your question (I took a quick look). However, given its mechanism of action, inhibiting enzyme aromatase, I would expect it will not take to long (less than a week) to lower levels. However, symptom change will likely take longer to notice.

The Adex competes with the T for the enzyme which causes aromatization. The existing E2 needs to be cleared by your liver. You will notice a decrease in E2 pretty quickly. Yes, that will help with acne and strength.