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New Member, Am I On the Right Track?


Hi Everyone

I’m a 43 year old from the US. I have returned to the gym as of 2 days ago, adjusted my diet and i’m in the process of creating a 3 day workout plan for the week.

GOAL - add a little more size, strength and stability

height- 5’11"
gym- 3 days per week (rest day btw. each)
cardio - walking/elliptical 25 mins 3 times per week
occupation - Chef (8 hrs minimum standing)
injurys/operations - left knee meniscus, torn ankle ligaments 4 times each ankle (skateboarding)
Running - try not to ever


2800 Calorie intake
aiming for 50%carbs, 30%fat, 20% protein

My Daily Menu

breakfast- 2 hard boiled egg whites (yolks sometimes as well), 1 cup oatmeal (water, no sugar), 8oz coffee, whole milk, 1 raw sugar

pre work out - GNC 32g protein shake (with water, 1-tblsp flax oil) and a multi vitamin.

Lunch - 5oz chicken breast, sauteed kale, rice

snack - tsp peanut butter, almonds

Dinner - steak/chicken or salmon, rice/roast yam or potato, broccoli, spinach or kale

Before bed - protein shake and cottage cheese (if needed to meet levels)


(as of now) 3 days of full body workout with a rest day in between each lifting day.
I am interested to hear from you as to how hard I should train, as I’m now 43 and can see myself over doing it.

Please let me know if there are glaring “don’ts” in there.



Your plan seems fine. As for whole-body training 3x/week, so long as the volume and intensity are kept in check, it shouldn’t be a problem.

It will be interesting to see how your body composition responds to 15 cals/lb/d. If you find yourself gaining more than 2-3 lbs/month, you may want to dial it back a little.

Are you going to be doing the cardio on the same days you lift, or on your off days?


Thanks for the response. I’m thinking cardio on days off


Good. I think that’s the best way to do it.


Just a follow up. I agree with you on the calorie intake, I’m wondering if I should shoot for 180lb’s stable which would have me at around 2200 to 2500. What would be the ideal calories burned for this? I’ve got the new fitbit and plan on running a loss around 2600 burned, I’m new to this, sound like a good starting point?


2200 is a little low, unless you want to prioritize fat loss. If you’re looking to do a slow recomp (ie, gain muscle while losing fat, both of necessity occurring slowly), 2600 would be a reasonable starting point.