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New Member, Advice?

Hey guys. New on this site. Any help would be appreciated. Workout 6 days a week. Running and weights. Looking to build lean muscle.



You didn’t really ask any form of a question?


Do you have a question?

While we’re at it…if you do have a question, you will likely get better advice in response if you include more detail about yourself than “Workout 6 days a week. Running and weights>”

How old are you?
Height and weight?
Years lifting?
Balance of lifting vs. running?
What kind of lifting?

Goals, in particular, tend to be a sticky one so let’s discuss that for a moment. “Looking to build lean muscle” is a very vague goal. However, if you let us know that you’re 6’1" and 170 pounds, lift 3 days a week and run 3 days a week, and have a goal of getting to 185 pounds and adding 20 pounds to each of your big three lifts while maintaining your 5K time…now we’re a little more prepared to give some useful advice.

What kind of lifting, too, is important. Another thing that seems to happen a lot here is someone says that their “program” is Chest on Monday, Biceps on Tuesday, etc…more specifics. What exercises? Sets and reps? Weights used? Progression?

read a bunch of articles by Dan John and Jim wendler…


To be fair, he did ask for advice in the subject line.

My advice would be stay in school.


Meth is a hell of a drug, and do 5/3/1

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  1. If you ask for a BF % estimate, make sure you hold up a shoe
  2. Stalking your GF isn’t cool.
  3. If you post about girl troubles in GAL, include photos.
  4. 5’8" isn’t the ideal height. Tall people matter too.
  5. Don’t conjugate with sheep
  6. Pre-exhausting is a touchy subject here, tread lightly.

I know I’m forgetting some.


So much excellent advice.

Always check to make sure you wear pants when leaving the house.

There is always

  1. If your wife tells you she has to work on Sunday don’t let the excitement show in your reaction.

  2. Don’t get high off your own supply, applies to a lot more than drug use.

  3. Don’t mix Creatine with an acid based juice.

  4. When in doubt blame the dog.

T-Nation hall of fame thread…I wonder whatever happened to them.