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New member, a few questions


Hi, new to the board :slight_smile:

A few miscellaneous questions.

Anyone know where I can find pics of these exercises:
- Snatch Grip Good Mornings (or Back raises or GH raises)
- Snatch Grip Barbell Sit-ups
- Pushup Straddle Jumps

I need to cure a hunchback. I know there's a post on here somewhere about it but can't find it. Any suggestions on how to cure a hunchback?


Search the forum for a post with a link to Ball State University. They had video clips of the proper way to do damn near any exersize you could think of.

There have been a couple of articles for hepling a hunchback. The most recent (that I remember) had to do with pelvic tilt and strengthening the hip abductors and adductors. A search should bring it up. Be as specific as possible in your search and you will get fewer matches.

Hope this helps.



Ball state is a good one. Here you go


Hope that helps you,



Oh, damn I forgot

welcome to the board, hope we can all help, and that you are able to share your knowledge with us the same.