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New Member - 1st Cycle

Hey guys, im new here.

Anyhow, I am about to get into my 1st cycle.
My friend is doing it 1st time tii, and he’s friend has done it before (more experience).

I have researched quite some, but I decided to head here since you guys know more (extra research) and see what you guys think.

This is the way it was pictured to me:

  • Twice a week - Inject Enanthate
    for about 8 weeks.

  • When the 8 weeks are over,
    take widstrol for 1 month (in pills) to cut down because Enanthate will get me fat bulky big. (not a lot very cut).

and once done with windstrol for that month, take nolvadex.
and then after lots of protein.

any comments, questions, concerts?
I like to know everything before something goes in MY body.

More About me:

Know the gym like the back of my hand… have worked out for about 6 years.
24 years old.

lol. Holy fuck. I wouldn’t even know where to begin…

Figure out how to put together a coherent statement and then come back. Or don’t. I’d prefer the latter.

I will add that dat dere widstrol is a helluva drug.

What about real stats?
Overhead press:

What dosages are you proposing for all of this? And why not overlap the test and winstrol? I would extend the test 2 weeks, and start the winstrol at the start of week 8-9 and run it from week 8-9 until PCT starts.

Ok, I’m going to try and break this down:
Your friends and their friends are doing steroids, so you decided to give them a try.
You’re also 5’11 and familiar with gyms.
Your cycle plan(pictured to you, I assume by picture message or in a dream) consists of a steroid that will get you bulky fat big, so when you finish it you are taking another steroid that will get you super shredded(or, alot very cut)
Pct is Nolvadex(undisclosed amount) and protein.

Looks good to me…

[quote]kuzumbo99 wrote:
and once done with windstrol for that month, take nolvadex.
and then after lots of protein.

PCT looks good except I’d cut out the protein might cause GYNO :wink:

Well you nailed one thing for sure, you need to do more research…
That being said you and your friends dont know what you are doing, if you attempt to do this cycle you will be very disapointed…
You got a couple things right, but most of it is wrong and worthless. Read the first cycle sticky and repost…

So you’re only taking protein AFTER PCT?
Sounds legit.