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New Measurments After 4 Months


Here are my measurments since posting on my picture thread. I know that my eating could have been better, but overall it wasn't bad.

I'm thinking that measurments can be more of an accurate measure of progress than bf% with calipers (since I'm no expert, and I don't have any).

Any indicators of too much fat gain, or too slow of progress?

Dates: 8/16/05----11/10/05

Arms:Both 15.5"----Both 16"

Calves: R-15 1/4", L-14 3/4"---- R-15 1/4", L-16 1/4" (looking back at previous measurments I think I had the calves backwards, but that's what my records indicate...)

Chest:42 1/2"----44 3/4"

Quads: 24.5" at largest part, 22 3/4" in the middle----largest part 26 1/4" middle 23 1/4"

Waist: 36 1/2"----40"

Oh, and my goal is to eventually get to 200lbs with 12%bf(ish) but I don't think I'll continue bulking all the way past 200 before cutting.

I'll continue bulking for a while, but am seriously considering knocking some fat off before reaching my ultimate goal. I'll play that by how much fatter I get.

Any thoughts, feedback, put downs, shots at wanting a pat on the back...?


Any guess on how much fat you have gained? your growth seems good but I can't imagine going up to a 40" waist and not wanting to cut down. Heck I'm at about 36 and think that is too big.

Good work though. Keep it up.


That's what I was thinking. I can't wear my 34" butt jeans anymore and it's freaking me out. Well, I can but I have a muffin top and that is pretty much disgusting. Hello carb cycling!


The funny thing is that I can easily slip my size 34 jeans over my gut at it's larges point. I think that's America's fat acceptance at work to make people feel better.

Yes the 40" waist is what was bothering me before, and it's bothering me again.

At my fattest ever (at 180lbs close to 1.5 years ago) my waist got to 40" but my arms were about 14.5" and I had bitch titties, but my chest was much smaller.

Since then I got down to 165 with a 33" waist, then decided to gain muscle, and took my first progress pictures after 8 pounds of weight gain into my bulking phase.

Since for me, eating cleaner is more of a challenge than doing ESW or cardio, I think I'll keep my calories above maintenance and add in a little cardio, then see if I'm still gaining size.


sounds good. Maybe try to play with nutrient timing a bit aswell. 2 years ago I was up to 205 and had a 38.5" waist and looked horrible, about that time I started eating better and lifting. I'm now about 198, 36" waist and much, much more muscle. Keep up the hard work, I do think I would try to get my waist smaller.


40" is way too high for 185 lbs.

Get down to 32-33", then bulk.

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I now have new stats as of today, 12/18/05.
I'll post all 3 dates for comparison.

Arms:(both same)

L 15.25--16.25--16.25
R 14.75--15.25--15.5


Quads:(both same)
Top 24.5--26.5--26
Mid 22.75--23.25--24


I realy haven't been able to notice too much of a difference in the mirror, even when comparing to my 8/16 pictures, so I realy think this help me to realize that I'm still making some kind of gains.


You seem to gain fat easily. Maybe you should use a lesser calorie surplus while bulking. And try to eat clean, even at the expense of caloric values. Calories from cleaner foods do a much better job at getting you big(even in smaller amounts) than junk


How tall are you brother? I'm 5'9-ish at about 175 and my waist is not quite 31",That might have to do with really inconsistent leg training though.
If I remember right you're strong as all hell at your weight. What kind of #'s are you puting up if you don't mind my askin.


Been following this with interest, as I started my first bulking phase almost seven weeks ago. As an FFB, it took quite a lot for me to convince myself that a bulking phase was needed.

Seeing a second chin starting to grow is freaking me out. I'm tempted to throw in some ESW -- or even some fast three mile walks -- but worried about the effect on bulking.

Did you add ESW, as you suggested you may do? How do you feel it affected your results?


Yea, you're right on both accounts. I do gain fat easily and it's most likely due to my diet (although my diet is many times better now than 2 years ago).

I have added frozen mixed veggies (I microave them) to at least 3 of my meals each day (as opposed to eating about 3-6 servings of veggies a week).

I have a diet log at fitday.com and that has helped me to realize how crappy I was eating, even when I thought I was doing good.

I just now found out that I can make my food journal public, so here's the link:


Don't go too hard on me, we just had Thanksgiving, and between then and January 6th my immediate family has 6 birthdays.lol

The food isn't separated into meals, I just add a higher quantity if I eat the same thing again later in the day.


I'm 5'5", and I keep barely hitting 190, then taper off at around 187 (once in a while I go back to 185).

I was real strong for my weight back when I was 148 pounds, but since then I lost a ton of strength and muscle (over a year and a half's time), and gained weight up to 180 pounds (over 30 pounds of fat). I then lost 20 pounds total, and gained some muscle and strength back, then I started to bulk again to where I am now.

I'm currently doing CT's OVT program and my bench is at 4 sets of 5 and 1 set of 4 with 275lbs, incline DB bench is at 90lbs for 5X5, my military press is at 4X5 and 1X3 with 135, Squat 5X5 with 335, and deadlift 5X5 with 305 (same day as squats).

All of these numbers are PRs at their given sets and reps. I maxed out on bench about 2 months ago and got 335 without a shirt, maxed on deads with 435 with a belt and straps about 3 months ago.


I know what you mean. Professor X realy helped to convince me to continue bulking when I thought I was getting too fat, and others who suggested I clean up my diet and continue to bulk (in my picture thread).

I have been adding uphill treadmill walks and have increased the incline and speed (slightly) over the past month. I do them twice a week. I can probably stand to do more, but have trouble staying motivated to go to the gym only for cardio. I think I would be even fatter had I not done them, but would be leaner, without saccrificing muscle if I did more.

Idealy I would like to start adding sprints once a week, and then twice a week as I continue to bulk. I always get affraid of over doing it with my legs though. They still get real sore after my squat/deadlift day.


I just realized that my public food log could be confusing. I've only been updating what I eat, not my daily activities.

If you want to see previous days you have to hit the back button next to the date in the top/middle of the page.

I have a bad feeling that I'll get my balls busted for posting things like ".333" of a bag of veggies, or 3/4 of a piec of pizza...

There's no place that I entered .9 banana, so hold the jokes :wink:


12 pounds of weight for five inches of growth in the wiast? I hate to say it, but I'll drop a manly T-Nation observation and say, looking at your growth in other areas, that is terrible. I think you may have just put on fat in your peripheral areas, but that sort of growth in the mid-section isn't just unsightly, it's unhealthy.

I would seriously evaluate your diet. I'm not so much concerned with the absolute statistics of your body comp, but more the sheer amount of fat mass put onto your waist. It seems like the limiting variable is most likely your diet, so I would take a good hard look at that before you continue bulking. Is a heart attack and high cholesterol worth a half inch on your arms?