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New Meal Plan *FEEDBACK*

Looking for some feedback, I just finished a cut and so I’ll be gradually building up to this mealplan over the next several weeks.

I’m currently ~175 lb 4% body fat

Additionally, I’ll be embarking on a fairly intense workout plan where I’ll progress up to 2/days of resistance training.

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Peri Workout Supplementation:
2 servings of Surge

Postworkout Meal(s)*:
Plain Pasta and Chicken

Snack on throughout the rest of day:
Delicious Mixture consisting of:
cottage cheese
Weightgainer powder
0cal flavorings to taste

It winds up to 25% fat, 35% protein, 40% Carbs
Of Note:
65% of carbs are periworkout
76% of carbs are breakfast/periworkout
The Vast Majority (maybe 80%?) of the other 25% of carbs are fiber from avocados, flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin
90% of fats are consumed outside of periworkout supplementation/postworkout meals

Totals: Approx 4000 cal, 118 g of Fat, 409 g Carb, 361 g Protein

*Depending on the number of workouts that day.

What a fucking weirdo diet.

4% bodyfat huh? wow. about to step on stage are ya?

[quote]JMoUCF87 wrote:
4% bodyfat huh? wow. about to step on stage are ya?[/quote]

I’ve seen guys like this (2 of them work with me).

One I measured at 2.5-3% can’t recall the exact, and the other at 6% using 6 site skinfold. Both were their normal everyday body fat levels. Bastards.

Granted one is only 160-165 lbs and the other was around the same.

[quote]Wenz wrote:
I’m currently ~175 lb 4% body fat

Pics or it didn’t happen.