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New MD6, When ?

I heard that a new MD6 was coming out last year sometime but I didn’t hear anything else about it, I figured it hasn’t come out yet, or it just didn’t last long. Anyway I was in a nutrition store for some Carlson fish oil and to look around for a good laugh at some of the “crazy” supps that are being sold.

You probably guessed what I found…the “new” MD6, it contains the same ingredients as the new caffeinated Spike plus raspberry ketones and a black & cayenne pepper blend. Is this going to be sold at the T-Nation store or did I indeed miss out on it.



check netrition.com, they have been selling it for months, they carry HOT-ROX, normal and extreme, as well as TRIBEX.

my understanding is this will not be sold here at the T-Nation store as it is a weaker formula than say HOT-ROX extreme or maximum strength.