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New Mastodon Album


Called "The Hunter"

Comes out Sept. 27th. I'm all over this like stink on a turd. The cover art alone on their albums is almost worth the purchase.

Can't wait



Oh yeah! I mentioned this to my boy this morning.

Machine Heads new album comes out the same day.

Almost too much to take in one day lol.


I am so not in the mood for Mastadon...

but machinehead THAT should hit the spot right now.


I did not know about Machinehead.

These two albums are just in time for my birthday in case anyone is still wondering what to get me.



I really really hope Mastodon tours near me for this album cause im goin'

It be too much to hope they tour together to promote both albums, what a show that would be.

Fuck I'm old, I still call them albums.


Hell I still call them albums too.


Mastodon is okay. A bit too much syncopation for my taste. After I bought Leviathan I was ready to throw it out the window while driving home. But for some reason their stuff (to a certain point) grows on me.


Leviathans' cover art was more impressive to me than the album... They've since become more "melodic" I guess is a word you could use.

The Hunter, from what I've heard of it so far, seems to be right in my wheelhouse, though I won't play the whole album till I get the CD in my hot hands.


Machine Head + BLS + WuTang for shoulders in 30 min.


haha, legs for me in a few, same tunes too. Well maybe not Wu, I have that playing in my car at the moment.

That last Mastodon album had parts in it that sounded like Yes...yes I said Yes, weird but good.


Actually, Testament, StaticX, and Sevendust are queud up, too (I peeked ahead).......


I won't either, I really didn't want to hear either single ahead of time but they played it on liquid metal(XM) and I couldn't turn it down it time...well truth be told I didn't exactly try to hard to get to the ghetto box.

Mastodon goes down well with a good sorcery or fantasy type book imo.

Fuck I'm old, I still call it a ghetto box.


Do we both own the same MP3 player lol?, same bands man.


I like Mastodon when I'm mowing the lawn or taking a long drive or when I'm in the gym.

The spouse just calls it noise, which to me is awesome.

I haven't called the stereo a ghetto box in a long time. On a side note, how cool would it be if one of these companies that puts out iPod players came out with one that looked like a Marshall stack?

I would by one for every room and a wall of them for my garage. haha...


I'm on board with that selection, Steely.


Spiraling up through the crack in the skkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Will definitely be checking this out. Here's to hoping this album is more progressive, like Crack the Skye, than their earlier shiz.

Good to see there are Machine Head fans in the building.


The video shows how they made the sculpture for the cover of the album/CD.


Never heard them before but I like it! I'm more of a Judas Priest...Black Sabbath kind-a guy..:slight_smile:


yeah Mastodon is a weird band for me... I couldn't stand their stuff at the beginning, but it grew on me. re: the 'syncopation' that someone mentioned, I love that part of Mastodon. In fact, I love any band that successfully changes rhythm abruptly. The part that gets me is the vocals - sometimes it is just too much of the main dude's voice yelling :open_mouth:


I'm diggin' it.