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New Mass Building Diet


just interested in some feed back from more experienced bbers.

i'm shooting for 3600...this menu is a little over but still falls into the 50/30/20 macro break down

my oatmeal mix is: 2 cups oats, 1 scoop whey, 3/4 c 2% milk


1/2 oat mix
80g boiled poatato (bpot)
2 whole eggs & (we) 74.7g egg whites (ew)
fish oil


1/2 oat mix
80g bpot
1we & 130.7g ew

post work out:

84g w. rice flour
36g b. rice flour
2 scoops whey

post w/o meal:

145.2 chick breast
80g avo
400g bpot and spot

meal 5:

43g avo
109g chick breast
45g w rice
51g b rice


129g chick breast
51g b rice
1n 1/2 tbsp evoo on salad

I can write the grams of each macro for the food item but i figured that would be unnecessary.

and i know it will get tedious to keep weighing when gaining weight, but once i do it for few weeks i'll stop cause by then i'll hopefully be able to just estimate stuff.

comments and criticism welcomed


Looks pretty solid. What's your height, weight, and bodyfat percentage? Also (and not that we necessarily need to know this, but it would be helpful), but how does this plan compare with your previous plan? In other words, without having a basis of comparison, it's difficult to gauge whether your approach will be adequate. You should have increased your daily caloric intake by approximately 500 calories.

Another difficulty lies in not knowing how many calories, or in what macro breakdown, you were taking in previously. Keep an eye on the scale. If you're gaining more than 1.5 or 2 lbs per week, consider additional cardio before your first meal or post-workout, or fewer carbs in meals 5 and 6.

Finally, take progress photos every week or every other week. I realize this isn't a diet-related suggestion, but taking photos will allow you to assess whether the weight gain is quality or not. Hope this helps.


just gettin ready to do my first comp so this is what i'm gonna start up on after, from 2300 cals to 3600 plus some until i start noticing a more fat gain than wanted...would like to stay 12 percent or less all year. I'm competeing in the light weight division (almost 5'8"... i'll be walking on about 145 started dieting at 165ish 12 weeks ago. I know i will probably get shit for being so light and competeting, but i wanted to get to know the process of everything and if it's really something that i would like to pursue for years to come, rather than waste years of "mass building" and then walk on stage my first time and get blown outta the water cause i had no idea what to expect or do. i learn better through experience, (as i thnink most people do, there's only so much stuff you can listen to and read before you actually get your feet wet).


i plan on carb cycling my days from highs, moderated, and lows...obviously the one i posted is a high carb day

yea i photograph myself every few months for personal reference.