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New Marvel Anime: Wolverine & Iron Man



Iron man:

can't say I agree with the direction they've taken wolverine but pretty sick animation.


Hmmm... the Iron Man looks fucking awesome.

Wolverine? They took a stupid character to begin with, and made him even more lame-looking. BLAH!


Iron Man looks badass! Not too sure about Wolverine though...wouldn't have even known it was supposed to be him/an adaptation of him. Hmmm, maybe they're trying to get their own back for the imminent "Hollywoodisation" of Akira?


Wolverine is supposed to be a "wolverine"; a small, stout, hairy, and mean creature. I don't see how a lanky samurai pretty boy with a mullet is supposed to be wolverine, other than the claws.


Wolverine looks like a bitch.


Wow. They just turned Wolverine into a fag.

Iron Man looked good. Villain looks gay.


emo wolverine....cool!!!


is there anything they wont gay up these days?


Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. They know better than to fuck with them. If they do, Chuck Norris will end them.


I've always been a big fan of wolverine, this just looks ghey.
the one animation they have of Hulk vs. Wolverine was pretty bad ass though.


They finally got Wolverine to come out..lol. Cool anime style but come on....what were they thinking??

Iron Man looks worth a serious look.


I concur.


ZOMG!!!!111!!!!! Anime is totally awesome!!

Are any of you really suprised that they gayed up Wolverine? It's ANIME, aka the gayest form of entertainment short of MM porn.


if they added him some muscle it would be easier to accept


Wolverine looks lame...Iron Man looks badass.


IMO anime is kind of stupid. Some I like, but mostly I do not like the distorted animation. Especially with established characters.


Yes, he was all of that and then some.

To me, it looks like they made him less american, to possibly make him more accessable to the Japanese audience. If it wasn't for the claws, nobody would've known that it was Wolverine.

Iron Man looks pretty damn cool.


the iron man villain reminds me of a gay version of m. bison from street fighter.


Wow, way to ruin Wolverine.


EXACTLY. on a side note: Ninja Wolverine looks stupid/ Dragon Ball Z meets Gundam Wing Ironman kicks ass.