New Maneuver Madness from the Mad Monkey Lair

Heya T-freques. Since the doc cleared me to squat I decided that I’d just use Today (Sunday) as destruction day and go nuts. Squats were excellent, and my entire lower body is suffering beautifully right now. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: I decided that since I had a little energy left to expend, I’d attempt a movement only completed in my mind to that point. I call them “Sushi Bar Presses” and they are either one of the greatest or most dangerous movements ever invented. You start by 1)grabbing a bar (EZ or straight) and loading it up to about 1/3rd of your regular 3-5 rep in the Bench Press.
2) Place the bar in front of you on the floor, kneel down in front of it as if it were a shrine or you were going to satisfy it orally (ie, on yer knees)cross your knees and sit back on them (I had a martial arts instructer who referred to this as “sitting like a Jap” hence the sushi moniker)
3) once stable, grab the bar with a close-grip and press up while arching your back slightly, as if it were a combination of an incline and shoulder press you should feel this movement in the lats and shoulders.

Well kiddies, I suppose a disclaimer would be in order for this move. Anyways, tell me what you think, even if it involves explatives and/or a thorough explanation of how my spine will snap like a dehydrated twig. Lata. Either way I feel this is a cool core exercise because you have to be perfectly stable in the mid-section to push the bar up correctly, there’s nothing else supporting you. Have fun.

“MB Eric: Spine shatterin’ fun since 445 B.C.”