New Male Models Skinnier Than Ever

“Where the masculine ideal of as recently as 2000 was a buff 6-footer with six-pack abs, the man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt.”


[quote]bulldogtor wrote:
“Where the masculine ideal of as recently as 2000 was a buff 6-footer with six-pack abs, the man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt.”



Someone obviously hasn’t been listening to almighty LaBuff…

I mean these guys are just too big…it’s just not functional…

and to think that a young lady my age would prefer a “physique” like that…

Guys go easy they are hardgainers…that’s all

I read that article a year or so ago.
not so new male models

I am a profesional photographer, and Ill try to explain to you waz up with all these skinnymodel trend.

In fashion and clothing industry the most important thing that has to stand out in a photoshoot is of course the clothes and accesories, not the models. Thats why they always use a skinny guy with a pretty face. A skinny model is easier to pose, and the clothes will look more natural to them.

Sometimes the clothes need to be a lil bit modyfied during the photoshoot to accuire a desired effect. For example if you want an arm or leg that needs to appear larger you just cut and paste the clothes. ( true story in a Nautica shot. )
In the runway its the same story,a skinny guy is better because its just like a coathanger, an his body dosent draw attention from what he’s wearing.

If they used more athletic models, the clothes will look a little bit stretched from the arms and from some other parts. The clothes will not look natural. And if you put them an XXL shirt, it might not look very good.
Another reason why they almost never use athletic models so much now is that a good body, maybe not huge, but just strong, can draw attention from the clothes/accesories/shoes, and of course thats not good.

The use of athletic/muscular models is reserved almost only to fitness and sports products, but nowdays most brands of this kind of products dont use models, but sportstars (ex. Roger Federer, Micheal Phelps, Ronnie C. )

And why do women seem to like this type of bodies??? They don’t. What happens is that with all this ads everywhere showing expensive clothes and glamourus shots of skinny male models everywhere, TV, internet, magazines, cloth stores etc… the idea of models being skinny sticks to their minds, so when they see a skinny kid in the street they think he is hot, because women think “model = hot” nowdays its “skinny=model”, so women think “skinny=hot”…

But most women still prefer and appreciate a well built body when they see it, so i guess this is not much of a problem. :slight_smile:

I like the ink. Maybe, I should get some sweet birdie tats!

Now idiots are going to show up on these boards wanting to know how to get some hawt hipbones.

I shit and piss on those so called models.

I read the article when it came out, and it was disheartening. I hope little boys don’t start to grow up thinking they have to look like that. But women as far as I know aren’t particularly attracted to waifs-- most of us still like muscle.

I think the impact is stronger in the gay community – and sure enough, most of the young gay guys I know have dieted themselves into painful skinniness. It just seems like a pity.

[quote]Standard Donkey wrote:
and to think that a young lady my age would prefer a “physique” like that…[/quote]

so she could share clothes with him?





130 LBS



I’ve tried everything from starving, throwing up after meals, celery diet, water diet, oxygen diet you name it , it just doesn’t seem to work. My current physique isn’t terrible i can see my ribs but i can’t feel my spine through my stomach yet. I also don’t want to do weights because then my shoulders might become wider than my waist I’ve tried weights b4 but i got huge seriously massive so i had to stop…

Believe it or not I’ve actually met someone with a goal like that for the sake of modeling. Felt like asking him to donate his body for scientific research before it’s too late.

yeah, that look is just gross.
i hate it when i see the skinny guys wearing the tight girl jeans these days too.
that shit is just ridiculous.

[quote]John Q. Adequate wrote:
I shit and piss on those so called models.[/quote]


Before we get all up in arms about this, let’s stop and think to ourselves, in our respected societies (UK, Canada, American, Australia … this is was MAINLY comprises these boards) what’s more prevalent in the mass/pop media? These emaciated models or athletes? I’m going to lean towards athletes.

There will ALWAYS be young boys who want to look like this, but the fact remains the majority will want to look like/be well trained, strong athletes. And the majority of women (or, at the VERY least, a good amount of women) will always be more attracted to guys like us. So relax and let’s make fun of these sissified pixie stix rather than get indignant. Remember, if ALL guys were like us the competition would be ridiculous!

Women aren’t attracted to skinny guys, that’s insane.

There’s a huge line between thin and lean, I mean, let’s look at this from a male perspective.

Which is hotter?

So ya wanna dump out yo trick bag.
Ease on in a hip thang,
But you ain’t sure exactly what is hip.

Fashion is fickle, trends come and go. Heroin chic went out in 1990. It wasn’t hip then, it ain’t hip now. Make your own fashion statement. A man with muscle can make anything look good.

A man with protruding hip-bones can make anything look bad!

Very much with u there Yo Momma

I’ve taken dumps during a bulking cycle that had more chest development than that…

skinny guys wearing skinny jeans make me cringe