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new magazine

Figured I’d post this for all you married folks.

What kind of a joke is that?

And if its for real, whats the address?

It`s just too funny to be real. LOL

if every man just acted like al bundy the world would be a much better place.

Nah, its not real. I swiped it off another board that I frequent.


Thanks for the belly laugh! I have a few friends who need to see this.

Your welcome.

Also, since we have a bunch of history and political science junkies on this forum, I figured I would let you guys know about a good book I’ve been reading.

Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, by Joseph J. Ellis. It won the Pulitzer (if that means anything). Next time you are in Barnes and Nobles (or any other bookstore) check it out.

“How to Keep Her Happy Without
Getting Yelled At”


hey guys
where you get that pic of me doing the dishes??
except i usually have my apron on.
but anyhow i have to go before she finds out im on a site called testosterone. i usually say im surfing marthastewart.com as a cover

later guys

How true some of that stuff is. SAD, but true!