New MAG10 vs. Old MAG 10

I just bought three bottles of the new MAG10 forgetting I had two bottles of the oral liquid still. Can the new MAG10 and old MAG10 be taken together? Like say take the liquid form in the morning, but take the capsules in the afternoon so I don’t have to sit there and dose out the liquid during class or work?

Does anyone remember an Alessi Q&A a while back entitled “Ripped in 8 Weeks”? Did anyone actually try that routine with positive outcomes?
Oh another thing…I am beginning to get some serious wrist pain due to boxing.

Most likely it’s the onset of some tendon problem but it has made doing olympic moves with any sort of vertical arm pressing quite painful. However I can still deadlift with no problem! What gives?


if boxing is more important than olympic, I’d cut the olympic for now

I have a similar problem right now - pain at the insertion of the brachialis - that was beginning to interfere with my martial arts

by cutting cleans out of my workout for the last two weeks the pain has subsided during martial arts. another two weeks and I’ll try cleans very gently again until I discover the volume that brings the pain back again, and then drop below that level, since for me the martial arts is more important than the cleans

I can still dead and squat, but I guess it’s a different angle or something.

Jimmy, no problem on using the old (liquid) MAG-10 concurrently with the new MAG-10 (capsules).

Have fun!