New MAG-10 Support Group

Since the first thread was getting so long, let’s start a new one. Use this thread to discuss MAG-10 results, diet, training, cycling, etc. If you’re new to MAG-10, I suggest you first read these articles: “The Pro-Steroid Roundtable” - issue #178 at T-mag; “The MAG-10 FAQ” - issue #179; “The MAG-10 Plan for Success” - issue #190. The “Growth Surge Project” articles, issues 182-184, may also be helpful.

The original MAG-10 Support Group thread has tons of info and can still be found with the subject search engine here at the forum.

So what’s the verdict on how to take it: cap, spoon, oral syringe? What does everyone prefer?

I’m on second day of MAG-10 and I was just wondering when does everyone take there the MAG-10 dosage? Before workout, morning, after morning meal?

Got a question as per dosing:
If front-loading the first day, are you taking a dose in the morning and a dose in the evening, or one double dose (either morning or evening), or a double dose in the morning and the evening day 1, then single dose morning/evening thereafter. The last scenario is what I’m leaning towards.

Whether to use the cap, a spoon, or a syringe
seems to be a matter of personal preference judging from the last thread.

As two examples: I like a syringe, but tend to lose track
of it, and the cap works fine so that’s
what I usually use. I’m able to avoid
spillage, and by rinsing the cap out
into a cup with Diet Coke, I don’t
waste any MAG-10; and then I rinse
again with water and put back on the
bottle. This works fine for me. But
if the syringe is handy I do prefer that.

Tim Patterson hates using a syringe because
he feels a compulsive need to wash the
syringe out (truly not necessary, the residual MAG-10
won’t go bad inside the syringe) and so it’s too much bother. He prefers a spoon.

I don’t recall specifically but on the previous thread, different people had different preferences. So it’s not really
predictable which way you might like best.

newbie- The cap works in a pinch, but taking Chris’s advice I bought an oral syringe. It’s accurate where some silverwear is not, you can’t spill any, and it’s very quick. They cost under $2 at grocery stores and pharmacies. Get the kind with a bottle stopper/cork thing. Mine is 10ml.

Mike- I take mine two hours or so before training, but I don’t it matters much given the halflife.

It’s been working fine for the frontloading
to be done as a single double dose on the first day. It’s possible though that taking two doses at different times might result in higher percentage absorption; also possible there is no difference.

And Mike, it doesn’t really matter in terms
of blood levels what time MAG-10 is taken.
Any time that seems best for you is the way to go. Many like taking before workout more for psychological reasons than anything else.

Peak effect on central nervous system though
is probably 10-12 hours after a dose, not right after the dose. So if you want the maximum “rush” for a workout (assuming you’re one of those that get a rush from MAG-10: some do not but that doesn’t affect gains, it’s just how you feel) then take about 10-12 hours before the workout.

The taste of Mag-10 doesn’t bother me at all anymore, but I heard it was going to be improved later. Is that true? It would great if it tasted like Methoxy-7.

Davo- Yes, last I heard they were going to improve the taste. As was posted in the other thread, Biotest decided to leave it with the “okay” taste because making it taste great would have delayed it hitting the market. They decided to get it out to consumers first and work on the flavor later.

I just took my first dose of mag-10 yesterday and I didn’t expect any ‘rush’ b/c I didn’t get any from androsol but about 2 hours after I took it I started getting the meanest hard on’s ever for no particular reason. And I was at a basketball game so it could have been embarrassing had I not had a coat. I noticed I was slightly more aggressive in situations, but nothing major. I wanted to see if others had the similar experiences or I am just an isolated case. Also, I had forgotten to take my proscar and I was in a rush so I just took a whole one. The couple other times I did that the last thing on my mind was sex, and that makes me think that mag-10 is all the more impressive. I’ll let you know how it affects workouts. Take care everybody.

Hey, Bill, I got better results with MAG-10 than I did with injected fina and topical Androsol stacked together. But my sex drive was out of control on fina and it’s only slightly elevated with MAG-10. Why? Because MAG-10 certainly worked better than fina/4-AD.

This question has probably already been answered, but I couldn’t find it. Would the Mag-10 be better taken with P+C or P+F meal?

With Fina plus Androsol, you’re combining
two compounds that are both effective in
increasing libido.

With MAG-10, the 4-AD-EC component is highly effective, but the A1-E component does nothing to improve libido. So you have only one thing benefitting you in this regard.P>

Your observation agrees with mine: injected
TA plus Androsol exceeds MAG-10 in terms of libido, being a quite strong increase vs. a usually moderate one (though some find the MAG-10 increase to be strong and a few find only a slight positive change.)

Hey everyone…this is my first time posting but I have a few questions and I hope you can help.
I am planning to start using MAG-10 soon, within the next month or so, but I’m kind of undecided on what kind of a training program I should use. My problem is I work between 10-12 hrs. a day and don’t have time to work out twice a day using a protocol such as growth surge…anybody have any sound suggestions for once a day programs. Also, has anyone noticed any increased acne etc…while using MAG-10 or Tribex, big concern for me. I ask because I’m quite prone to this condition. Any feedback will help me alot…Thanks

Many people have made great gains without the two-a-day training sessions. The going trend seems to be an increase in volume (20+ sets per workout) with 5-6 days per week training. However, some people have also reported that they stuck to the core exercises and went heavy. They, too, made great gains. I would say go with whatever kind of training has worked best for you and then manipulate volume. If you’re predominantly fast twitch muscle fibers, lower reps might be better for you. Or, if you’re mostly slow twitch, stick in the traditional hypertrophy range. As for your acne question, I didn’t have any problems while on Mag-10. Interestingly enough, though, I got my first pimple since I was in 11th grade (I’m 20 now) a few days into my Tribex/M cycle. I wouldn’t worry about it; your gains will far outweigh any pimples you get.

Smitty, on once a day training it would
be best to work out four or five times
per week, with at least 60 and more preferably 80-120 total sets per week. This is assuming
weights heavy enough for you to keep reps moderate – certainly not 20 rep sets or anything like that – and not attempting to “fry your circuits” on each set. Attempt only as many reps as you judge you can do, and don’t burn yourself out failing on reps you can’t do.

More sets are appropriate if quite a few exercises are “smaller” exercises, and somewhat less if almost all exercises are major ones. Definitely most exercises should be presses, rows, squats, or deadlifts, and only some being smaller exercises like specific arm work, and preferably nothing being nonsense exercises
like Russian twists, side bends, etc.

Smitty - i have noticed an increase of acne. it is not TERRIBLE, but i certainly have more acne on my face, neck, back, and traps. i finally bought a product that contains salyciclic acid (not spelled right), and it has been helping.

I’m in the same boat, I sell cars. I used the Poliquin 5 day rolling split with day one being arms day two legs day three off day four chest back and shoulders day five off day six repeat. I’m on my fourth week of mag 10 and I’m seeing some good results with this

Hey thanks guys…this site is a gold mine! So the basic jist that I’m getting is to stick with basic compound movements for the most part, with the exception of arms…correct? Also, how many exercises and sets per movement would you advocate while on MAG-10. I usually do 3 movements per body part with 3-4 working sets per movement, only going to failure on the last one or two. I find that I make my best gains doing between 6-8 reps each set, both in terms of size and strength. Does this sound reasonable or should I do some serious modification?

What do you think about Doing german volume training for the program? shouldn’t it work great due to the amount of volume?