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New MAG-10 Protein?

So when is Biotest’s new casein hydolysate protein product (I believe it will be called MAG-10) going to be released? I’m just about out of Peptopro and would hate to purchase more of it if Biotest’s version is coming out soon.

my guess would be when I, BODYBUILDER comes out. so, go ahead and get more of the other brand.

this is of course my uneducated guess

looking for it too. wish we had some timeline for it Anaconda, and I, BODYBUILDER

Yeah I was hoping it would be released before Anaconda and I, BODYBUILDER. Thibs mentioned in some thread that it would be released soon…but “coming soon” seems to have a different meaning around these parts. If no one in the know chimes in by Friday then I’ll have to settle for Peptopro for the time being.

eat in the meantime.

it comes out in 4 hours i think, i cant wait, im going to start going to the gym and stuff

I’d buy something in the mean time. All these supps have been taking a long time to come out.