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'New' MAG-10 Flavor


I call it 'blood orange' and it's delicious.

And the good news is you can try it right now.

Just mix up your MAG-10 as usual and add 1 cap of berry flavor and 1 cap of orange flavor.

This is a great option for anyone getting bored with the same old berry/orange/grape option. Especially for someone on the Pulse Feast or Pulse Fast.

Anyone have any alternate means of flavoring their MAG-10?


I like mixing grape and berry together. I don't care much for the orange.


The bad news is that:

"Hydrolyzed dietary casein as compared with the intact protein reduces postprandial peripheral, but not whole-body, uptake of nitrogen in humans."

Back to Metabolic Drive and BCAAs for me. I won't be purchasing MAG-10 again once my current container is consumed, or rather, mainly burned for energy or consumed by my gut.

"hydrolyzed casein is digested more poorly, gets burned for energy to a greater degree and gets used more by the gut than intact casein; the end result of this is that hydrolyzed casein provides LESS amino acids to skeletal muscle after ingestion than intact casein protein"


you're going to change your whole thought process based on one n=21 study?


You can find singular studies to validate almost anything. Not to mention the very, very small sample size mentioned by another poster.

Not to mention the fact that they sort of ignored the fact that the HC caused a faster, stronger insulin response (their data). Insulin is one of the (if not THE) most anabolic hormones in the body, that's probably relevant.


Oh, and sounds kinda cool, Adam, I may try that next time.


One singular study - You can usually find one to back up or cite one side of just about anything on PubMed. You will actually find a study on PubMed that supports that casein proteins cause cancer....so your probably going to die anyway.

I would not give it up so fast, this study does not directly reference the associated impact on insulin and the surge / sudden rise in blood concentration of amino acids......which is the whole point of the peri-workout nutrition protocol. The Biotest boys have always said that that Anaconda and MAG-10 are in and out of your system very quickly. It's a pulse!!

That all said....From personal expierience I am a convert to using Anaconda and MAG-10, I am on order number 5 of the Anaconda 1 Protocol package. It works, well: recovery, strength and muscle gains.


Grape+Berry= the best way to use all that berry you mistakenly selected.



Can you post more photo of the Nalgene bottle please ? I would like to see the depth of the bottle.
Would be even better a photo side by side with a usual 1.5L water bottle.

I'm waiting for my order to ship, which includes that bottle... Just want tease photo :wink:

If you cannot that is not a problem, just saying :slight_smile:



Anyone found a way to clean up the flavoring? I kind of poured some on my counter and it's stained my counter orange, even though I managed to get it up instantly.


@ guillaume76

Here you go.

2L Nalgene on the left, 1L Kleen Kanteen on the right.

Hope that helps.


@ LiquidMercury

I have found that bleach does a great job at cleaning up spilled flavoring. It even gets the coloring off my finger-tips.

Just be careful not to let the bleach get on your clothing since it will eliminate the dye from fabric as well.



Thank you very much ! Very appreciated :slightly_smiling:



for easier cleanup, order some 7.5 ml pipettes on ebay. i got a pack of 25 for like 5 bucks shipped over a year ago and just rinse and reuse.


You get an insulin response from Metabolic Drive too. Just drink it 30 - 45 minutes prior to training.


you get an insulin response from pretty much anything you eat. that comment was emphasizing the degree to which different protein sources spike insulin.


Liquid, use rubbing alcohol. Works on my countertops, stained fingers too.


They didn't ignore it, it was not the point of the study. The results are valid and it meshes with what is already know and dare I say accepted.

You are correct to say that in the results it indicates that the reason why hydrolyzed casein is used periworkout and for pulsing is supported.


I will try to "new flavors" and yea berry is my least favorite. I enjoy adding Power Drive to some of these pulses as it tastes real good and changes the consistency.