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New MAG-10 Being Sold at GNC?

I just seen a new version of MAG-10 being sold at GNC, still made by Biotest. I forget the exact name, it was like “MAG-10 The Avenger” or something like that. I can’t imagine it being anything similar to the MAG-10 that used to be sold. It’s not on the Biotest website as far as I can see, anyone know anything about it?

Not new been out for quite some time. It is a sup being sold just at GNC’s it seems and is Much like Alpha Male. A natural test booster. I am sure its High quality but would go for the Alpha Male here to save on what is surely a huge price charged by GNC.

Want more info. do a search for MAG-10 Avenger it should turn up something.

Hope that helps,