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New & Made Mistakes


Was Misgiuded by an "expert" on my first aas cycle ever at 40 years old.
As folows:
550 test E Ew
450 dcea Ew
40 MG d-bol ED

Ran all for 20 weeks......no taper/ no front load.
Was told to stop all at once and did. ( Some expert HEH?)
two weeks after last pin used tamoxafin at 20 mg ED for one month..... Then used 20 mg tamoxafin and 50 mg of clomid ED for another month.....
One month after all serms were stopped bloods were taken.
All hormones were " Within" range and test was at 710...!!

Waited one more month and retested test levels : 412
waited two weeks and tested again : 398
So in theory , my test levels have been falling for approximatly 4 1/2 months...( is this normal) Or possibly the panel was picking up residual deca? Please advise....?
Now, Here is the problem..... thoughout the entire PCT and up until current time, Libido is on the floor and have weak erections..... Even when test levels showed 710.....( maybe deca shwing up?)

Anyhow, I looking for advice to repair disfunction and clarification on the strange blood panels following this cycle......
thanks guys in advance.......... This is my first day on the site and my first post.... If I have posted it in the wrong place please advise me how to correct..


What is your blood work showing on everything else is Estrongen, Prolactin, and the such. Deca can shut you down very hard and for months at time some people claim. Could take a while to return to normal... Speaking of did you happen to run your levels before starting the cycle so as to see what normal was for you?


Did not have the knowlegde before AAS use....... Hind sight im a genious....
Current bloods:
Test 398
estradiol 15
prolactin 10


Can testes ( lydig cells ) recover from this cycle without hcg?
Im interested first and formost to recover ( in time) rather than save any gains...... ( 30 good clean lbs)....:frowning:


Could be because of your age as well.


include ranges for your hormones..

you are 40, it may be time for trt + Cialis


You ran the dbol for 20 weeks as well?


Was highly misguided ....
Ran dbol 20 weeks


could be worse... the whole "4 week" rule is broscience


thats only a variation of 16 points...looks stable to me since its after two weeks...

test levels vary a lot on an hourly basis with the peak being in the morning..

are your balls still shrunken ? or is it back to the pre cycle size ?


14 points but who's counting


Im pretty sure they are back to normal size...... they are a bit sensative now....... one had atrophied during cycle......
Can testes recovey over time with NO hcg?
I am not so concerned with mass retainment as I am with a eventual recovery......
Prior to cycle I had high libido and very strong erections........
No signs of age in this department.......
Please if you are not knowledgeable in this area, please do not reply with " rely on cialis" ...... Or " time for hrt"
Proper recovey is the goal and is obtainable with sound advice.......


well... to be fair, you are in your 40's.. and you ran deca..

even if you never ran a cycle, you are getting older.. did you expect to feel like a 20 year-old forever?

you kinda screwed yourself with what you did.. you limited your options


Thanks mr. Walk...
I know I was highly misguided into my first cycle ever....
I made the mistake of listening to someone and NOT researching.....
I see your point .....
I think a decent libido and normal erections should be able to be recovered.....

I do believe the deca metabolite are still affecting my recovery....
I'm 5 months post cycle now.....
What's your guys take on deca suppression this long.....?
I've heard some bad stories worse than mine....


thats it there goes my patience ! you dumbest piece of shit all these steroids are meant to be used by old people !!


no hcg and with deca for such a long time recovery is gonna take a long time.. SERMS alone is not gonna help for pct !

anyway my best advice to you would be is its time to call in the big guns go visit a urologist or an endocrinologist or you know who ? and tell him ur story maybe he could help you.. im pretty sure its gonna involve HCG !

but ill give you this you wont most prolly need hrt or trt but you would need viagra at the moment.. if left alone you will recover but that recovery is gonna take a hell of a time.. and even if you recover fine you will have a liver to worry about and that too if you have one :stuck_out_tongue:

SUMMARY : go to a doctor get a hcg treatment or watever he prescribes then go fix your liver !

what are the symptoms you exp atm ? only a "deca" dick ?


Low libido and weak erections.....
Feel ok other than that..!
GOD... Thanks for setting posters straight.!.!.
Thanks for the good info too my man..!


look on the positive sides no liver pain.. no depression, the most imp one..

anyways my final word would be it could be a "placebo" effect cause on steroids you were riding "high" sexually, so you just came back to your old pre cycle levels.. but if you think you were much better still and pretty damn sure something's wrong with libido go get help.. cause no one can help you with the hcg dosage at this stage of your cycle.. go fix your liver as well dude..

and yea theres too much of flaming, beating around the bush, arrogance and even plain stupidity going on here just doing my bit to help those who really need it.. and hopefully it helps them out too..


calls me "dumbest piece of shit"
agrees with me in next post


G0D123 communicating with his other handle haha