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New Machine at My Gym

So my gym has an Instagram page and they just posted a story announcing a new machine that’s coming soon. They blurred out part of it.

I have been trying to figure out what it is, out of curiosity. I looked at all the pictures of machines on Technogym’s website and none of them seems to match. I’m also starting to think it might actually be two different machines.

I’m just really curious right now. Can you recognize the machine? Does it look like anything you have in your gym?

I think it’s a hammer strength bench on one side and dip on the other

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That’d be interesting. I’ve been wanting to try a dip machine for some time

I’d say it’s one of those hip extension machines you lay in which bends your hips and knees. You work it but extending your hips (ie. Pushing your feet to the floor)

I guess based on seeing these machines and that ass sticker on the photo.

You might actually be correct… The gym has been run by a girl for a few months now and all the latest pieces of equipment they bought were some useless leg or hip thrust machine (I’m saying useless because they aren’t buying actually useful stuff like a hack squat or something, more of “this thingy here where you block your feet and do bodyweight squats at a slightly different angle”). I don’t understand why they keep wasting money on that stuff when we don’t even have a reverse pec deck.

I used to be anti-machine. But then I got older and wiser, mostly older… Using machines after learning to establish mind muscle connection is awesome.

Imo, the hack squat and the Pit Shark are great machines that can actually help to improve squat form if used properly.

I believe this is your new machine:

My original post put your picture up for some reason lol

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I was so hyped up about this, coulda been a million more interesting things

Damn it. Now I think @strongmangoals is right. I wanted to win

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I see videos of guys using the hack squat all the time, but I don’t have it at my gym. I tried it once in a friend’s gym, and I wish we had it here.

I’ve had a wishlist for quite some time now, but I doubt they’ll buy any of these:

  • reverse pec deck
  • lateral raise machine
  • hack squat
  • straight arm pulldown machine
  • decent cables, maybe with independent sides
  • some decent row machine
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If you ever get your wish, the reverse pec deck is Meadows’ favorite (in the video I saw) for hitting the rear delts. You can go full range of motion and still focus solely on rear delts. @JMaier31


The weird thing is that machine is shown in an article about glutes and the very first thing they talk about is the hack squat…

My old gym had one of these, not this brand, it basically just collected dust.

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I know, I saw him mention that a few times. I’m doing a program from Meadows, and every time he calls for the reverse pec deck, I grudgingly have to sub it for dumbbell rear raises.

The inner meathead in me wants to cry every time I think about how much those machines cost and how much value they could get for their money if they spent it on other pieces of equipment

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Try laying prone on an incline bench and keeping your grip pronated for those rear delt flyes to simulate the machine


I can attest that they are a million time better than DBs

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Yeah, that’s the way I’m doing them

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I did some good work on that machine but I missed my timing. I only started hammering rear delts after the gyms closed.

Dude: you’re getting an ARX!


The blurred pic looks like something I’d do as a coach, just to get over the disappointment of what they bought :laughing: