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New low in personal trainers

The other day I couldn’t get to my regular gym so I went to a local YMCA. I walk into the gym and there is one trainer on duty. Now generaly I don’t even pay attention to the trainers on duty but the only one here was mentally challenged. Not severely, but you could tell she wasn’t all there. How easy did it become to get personal trainer certification ?

Don’t know what it’s like at your Y, but most gyms don’t even require a cert. They’ll just hire some one off the street who they think can generate some contracts for the club.

Blazze unfortuantly the Y has no idea what they are doing as far as fitness goes they are more focus on activitly for kids and there swimming program. Although their program director might be well educated w/ a college degree their trainers may not be. Trainers could be a high school kid. For all the Y is concern in the fitness area is that they have a body just to cover their ass.

Y is a non-profit orginization. So they try to fit people w/ any type of disabilty into a postion. Granted if they should be in that postion or not. Now if you say that trainer is training someone I think that Y should get thier act together. But if they were just walking the floor and picking up weights and stuff thats a diffrent story.

I was a trainer for 24 Hour Fitness. Now, they provide a certification which is equivilent to NASM. It was an Ok cert. but I fee I learned more from T-Mag that that certification. It was too narrow minded and they focused too much on core training. Now don’t get me wrong core training is important, but in some cases the trainers spent the majority of time with their clients have then focus on perfecting posture diviations. A littl bit is ok, but if you want your client to see results you have to get them moving.

I believe personal training is an on going learning process for life, just like teaching anything and just because some has a paper claiming they are “certified” does not mean they know it all. It can be very hard to find truly qualified and experienced trainers these days.

I bet she’s a better trainer than some that have all their marbles.

She’s probably the intellectual equivalent to the head trainer at my gym who claims to have added 1.5’ to his arms in the last 10 months because he’s focused on “hitting all the angles and performing all sets to absolute failure.” Um, sure. This tool has the full article hanging next to his certification plaque. It certainly was an amusing read.

CMC - 18 inches to his arms in 10 months!?

Holy Greg Valentino’s left testicle, thats incredible! :slight_smile: