New Low Dose Protocol - Solution For ED Nightmare?

I have been suffering from ED for over a decade now and none of the doctors I have been to have been able to help me. I have spent countless hours researching and trying to figure things out. In fact, I have spent a lot of time on this board and have been to many of the “top doctors” in the field (including Crisler) and no one has been able to crack the code.

I believe the ED is hormone related because there are times when my hormones magically seem to fall into balance and I get great erections and morning wood. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often.

One thing I have noticed is when I take my TRT shot, the problem gets worse for a few days. Then at the end of the week it seems to be getting a little better. Last week I skipped my shot and my erections and morning wood got better for almost the entire second week I was off everything.

I am not sure why this is, but I believe that the answer holds at least one of the keys to helping to figure out what the problem is.

I have been on all different dosages of T over the years and even when my levels appear to be dialed in, there is obviously still something causing a problem. This actually all started when I was about 18 when I was diagnosed with a varicocele. That was over 20 years ago and my hormones have been a problem ever since.

I have been doing a lot of research on the subq low-dose protocol and I am going to give this a try next. I was considering doing 20mg EOD to see if this helps my levels to stay more balanced and if it might be possible for me to come off the Anastrozole.

My concern is that I am an avid lifter and the gym is a big part of my life. I am afraid that such a low dosage may not be enough for me to maintain and get further results in the gym. My sex life has been a nightmare for the past decade and my weightlifting is one of the only things that helps keep me sane at this point. That is what makes me think I should shoot a little higher on the dosage, but if I could just get my ED handled, I would consider making the sacrifice.

I recently had labs done and my current doctor said my hormone levels look beautiful. Unfortunately… I am unable to post the results here as I am in the Philippines and I didn’t bring the lab report with me. I am thinking I will try this new protocol ( I have nothing to lose) and get labs done after about a month and when I find a place in Manila where I can get some reliable labs done.

Here is what I am thinkng:
20mg T Cyp EOD or ED Subq
50mg Prenenolone ED
25mg DHEA ED
12 mcg T3 ED

The reason for the Pregenolone and DHEA is because my labs always seem to show that I am low on both DHEA and progesterone.

What I am not sure on is how I might fit HCG into all this. My current doc had recommended taking 500IU the day before my shot.

The reason I am posting here is because I know some of the brightest minds in the TRT field are here. I am quite desperate and numb and feel like the last 10 years of my life have been a nightmare when it comes to my sex life.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback or insights.

Please read these stickies and see what you find that seems to fit:

  • advice for new guys ---- NEED more info about you!
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

250iu hCG SC EOD is typically all that is needed

Really need labs: - with ranges
LH/FSH if off TRT
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol
PSA if 40+

varicocele are often surgically corrected

Are you taking DHEA now?
You can get 2% KAL brand progesterone cream at, no Rx needed.

Many here have problems with low thyroid function, often from not using iodized salt. Many symptoms of thyroid problems are the same as hypogonadism. You can check your oral body temperatures to eval overall thyroid function, see the thyroid basics sticky.

There is no reason to endorse your suggested plan.

There is a lot of reading in the stickies, take the time to do that an consider all points in this post.

I understand and respect your reply

Unfortunately, I am currently in the Philippines and do not have a copy of my latest lab results with me.

I wasn’t planning on making any big changes right now, but after I skipped my last T shot and came off everything last week, things started to improve which gives me a glimmer of hope.

My doc has had me on 200mg T Cyp once per week. I was also taking 1mg EOD of Anastrozole and .5mg on the other days. I know this seems like a very high dose for just 200mg.

I had added the .5mg EOD because I was still getting puffy nipples and losing morning wood which seemed that it might indicate my E2 was elevated.

At first, I was thinking about just lowering my AI for a few weeks to see what kind of impact it might make on how I feel. But then I started thinking I might be able to drop the AI if I start subq and am able to keep my levels more steady.

I understand that it is not really possible to give advice without actually seeing my numbers. I am going to get some new ones as soon as I can find a place here in Manila where I can get some reliable labs done.

Any suggestions on where to get reliable labs in Manilla?

Thanks again!

Contact your doctor and ask that labs be emailed to you or made available on a secured web server.

Please look at the suggested protocol in stickies. Yours is the problem.
Your E2 may now be very low, killing libido. Might also have aching joints from that.

Do the reading.