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New Log

Same as every other log on here. Hello.

I’ll be posting pictures and linking to my Fitocracy page from here. Main thing I’ll be doing here is posting pictures.

I realise that not many people will look or give a shit, it’s mainly for my own use. If I know I need to post a pic once a week, I want to make sure it shows progress. No excuses.


Here it is. The ugly truth. Expect weekly photo updates.

Well, first week down, so here’s a pic.

Not SEEING too much going on. I sure can FEEL it though. I sleep better. I feel muscles ache that I forgot I had and I’m lifting heavier with every work out.

Another week, another picture.

Moved up to 4 sessions a week.

Yep. Week 3.

Oops. Been a while since I posted. Some more pics. Progress seems to be a bit slow to me. I’ve got a few things I’m planning to add to my workouts though.


Keep it up dude and a year from now you’ll be mighty glad you did!

I was on holiday recently. I have no idea how heavy the weights were I was lifting. How heavy are these plates?

And this one.

Here’s my progress.