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New Log - Need Input


Hi all, I am relatively new to the site but it has quickly become my favorite site. I am a freshman starting my first year in college, but I have been weight training year round since about junior year of high school. Luckily, I love working out and attempting to learn as much as I can on the subject.

I am working on becoming a personal trainer (although we all know that a lot of the stuff in the test). However, the advise i wanted from this post is on my workout and nutrition. I currently train 5 days a week splitting it into monday-chest/triceps, tuesday-upper back and biceps, weds-abs, thursday-lower back/hamstrings, friday- quads/calfs.
some of last weeks work outs

8 X pull ups
16 X lat pull downs 1/2 body weight
6 X bent row w/115
15 X body rows
(lift, 30 secs, lift, 1 min, lift, 30 secs, lift)
4 X 3 second resistance till failure (usually similar to the above workout not always failure)

These workouts seem pretty intense to me and depending on the weight and reps i can build muscle endurance as well as strength while working on cardio.

A typical day of eating-
8:30- grilled chicken wrap (not fast food)
11:00- egg white omelette w/ mushroom, spinach and sometimes turkey
1-2:00-chicken wrap
3:30- protein shake (pre-workout)
6:00-protein shake and carb shake(post-workout) and chicken wrap
8-9:00- another wrap most of the time
11:00 probably another wrap...

I know my diet is bland but I'm in college and the cafeteria by my dorm makes the wraps.
However, I can add any type of food to my diet within reason by going shopping.

I will post some pictures of myself in about 2 hours
followed by me starting to log my workouts and meals

Any advice or questions on diet or other past workouts or anything would be great! I'm always open to learn!


my pics




I'm not trying to be a body builder my main goal is functional muscle training but aesthetics are closely tied to that.
Any tips on how to get there would be great. I am 5'7 and 170-75 and 18