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New Liquid Flavoring Flavors


Would anyone else like to see some new flavors for the Biotest intensified liquid flavoring?

I'd personally like a apple or pineapple.

Also, how many more times can I type flavor?


Yea, a couple more would be cool, something like lemon-lime maybe?


I feel like I've gotten new flavors since I started mixing various current flavors together, Since the Indigo Bootcamp in July, my new favorite is mixing the Berry and Orange flavorings together. Berry and Grape is also another tastey option. Grape and oraneg though? Not one I would recommend -lol.



Hey Stu, thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to try those.


I really wish they sold them as stand alone products.


They do.

You just have to call Biotest (1-800-525-1940) and request them. If memory serves they are $6 per bottle.


I've been mixing the orange with vanilla protein and it tastes like an orange creamsickle. Amazing.


Yeah! I'd like a lemon-lime too! Any citrus flavor can make "blechhhh" tolerable!


I agree, I would also like to see some new flavor options for the liquid flavoring system. I would like to propose green apple and/or watermelon.